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Care Instructions for Carnations


Botanical Name: Dianthus

  • Sun Requirements: Partial shade to full sun.
  • Soil requirements: Well-drained, alkaline soil.
  • Bloom time: Late summer to fall.
  • Zones: 3-9

While the classic, naturally-occurring carnation is a bright pink-purple, the carnation has been one of the most widely cultivated flowers in history. Today, carnations are grown in white, red, green, pink, yellow, purple: any color of the rainbow! Our carnations are hardy and quick-growing, and many varieties feature a delightful fragrance, perfect for use in cut arrangements. Consider planting carnations as border flowers or naturalizing them in clumps.

Select a sunny spot with adequate drainage for planting, and space the plants 9 to 15 inches apart. Carnations prefer slightly alkaline soil, so consider adding woodash or lime to the planting site. Plant the carnations at the same level they were growing during shipment, and water in well.

Continuing Care
Carnations should be watered regularly; provide at least one inch of water per week during the growing season. Cut off spent blossoms after the blooming season has ended, but allow the attractive green foliage to remain for the summer: it provides nutrients to the plant, and adds interest to your garden! In autumn, cut back the plants to about four inches from the ground. These are short-lived perennials – expect a few seasons before needing to reseed.