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Blue Jays

Want to attract blue jays – those large songbirds with noisy calls, perky crests, and blue, white and black plumage? Blue jays live at the forest's edge as well as in urban and suburban yards and parks. To attract blue jays to your yard, offer them peanuts, other nuts, seeds and suet. They prefer tray feeders and hopper feeders on posts, rather than hanging feeders. Want to attract future blue jays? Plant oaks trees for these acorn-loving birds. Also, plant deciduous and coniferous trees in your yard for future nesting. Provide fresh water from a birdbath and use a solar birdbath so blue jays have unfrozen water in winter. This helps attract blue jays all year long.
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    Monarch Butterfly Bird Feeder

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    Shelled Peanuts

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