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Perfectly plumed shade perennials.

Cultivate astilbe plants for eye-catching spires emerging from deep green, fern-like foliage. Striking astilbe flowers can reach heights up to 40 inches, and these deer resistant perennials stand up well against most diseases and insects. Group pink, red, lavender and white astilbe plants for spectacular displays of color.
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Adored for their elegance, astilbe plants are eye-catching additions to the shady areas of your garden or yard, and they make a dramatic statement in borders and beside walkways. Look for astilbe flowers in pastel shades, including pink, white and lavender, or consider the bold red varieties of these colorful plants. Plant a single color of astilbe alone or group several colors together for especially attractive outdoor displays. Astilbe plants can feature impressive 20 to 40 inch spikes and rich, deeply lobed fern-like foliage. During summer, astilbe plants produce delightfully soft, feathery-textured blooms tightly packed around impressive spires. These hardy flowers can last for several weeks, and most varieties require only a gentle pruning to remove spent flowers. Some astilbe plants are particularly tolerant to heat and humidity, and astilbe flowers have developed a good resistance to pests and diseases. Look for stalwart white astilbe, red astilbe and other hues blooming across five hardiness zones. For variety in your garden or container, consider planting ferns alongside these towering, deer resistant perennials.