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Bird Baths and Water Aids

Heated Bird baths, bird bath fountains, metal bird baths and more.

From elegant to whimsical, bird baths are a great way to add a personal touch to your garden. We offer pedestal bird baths, ground-level baths and bird baths made of stone, resin or hammered metal. Our selection of heated bird baths helps wild birds access ice-free water all year round. Keep water refreshed with bird bath fountains that run on solar power instead of electricity or batteries.
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With bird baths from Spring Hill Nurseries, create a cool oasis in your yard, attracting beautiful birds to drink and bathe. Birdbaths on stands or pedestals will offer your feathered friends a safe haven by eliminating predators' hiding places. View our selection of bird bath fountains and elegant hammered-metal baths to create a one-of-a-kind focal point in your yard or garden. For northern climates, our heated bird baths let you create a virtual winter wonderland by providing a reliable source of ice-free water all winter long.

Bird baths can improve the aesthetics of your yard, garden or deck and attract a daily show of color and motion. With our heated bird baths, you can keep the show going year-round. Discover handy deck-mounted birdbaths that bring the action closer to your back door, or charming decorative bowls that sit right on the ground. We also offer birdbath and fountain supplies and garden accessories. To keep bird baths and fountains clean and welcoming, check out our selection of special birdbath cleaners. These products keep bird bath fountains free of stains and deposits so your bird haven remains beautiful and inviting. Other bird bath accessories use solar powered motion to eliminate standing and freezing water and reduce the risk of mosquito bites. Our vast selection of bird baths, bird bath fountains, solar fountains and garden accessories can't be beat.