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Bird Seed, Suet and Foods

Seed, feed and suet for wild birds.

Choosing the right bird food can bring a steady and amusing parade of visitors to your backyard or deck. Our selection of wild bird food includes treats for almost any visitor you wish to attract, from cardinals to finches to orioles. In addition to wild bird seed, we carry suet cakes, mealworm and fortified hummingbird food that boosts their general health.
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    Gardener's Choice
    Original No-Waste Mix

    Original No-Waste Mix

    1 for $15.95
  • Hi-Vitality™ Oriole Nectar Concentrate
    1 for $12.99
  • Peanut Crunch Seed Cake
    1 for $6.99
  • Classic Wild Bird Mix
    1 for $19.95
  • Bird Seed Dispenser
    1 for $15.99
  • Woodpecker Mix
    1 for $15.95
  • Nut and Berry Seed Cake
    1 for $6.99
  • Redi-Meal  Mealworms
    1 for $9.95
  • High Energy Nuggets
    1 for $8.99
  • Nyjer Goldfinch Mix
    1 for $17.95
  • Premium Mix for Fruit And Nut Lovers
    1 for $14.95
  • Ant Detourant
    1 for $14.99
  • Premium Woodpecker Cakes
    1 for $14.95
  • Customer Favorite
    Sunflower Meats

    Sunflower Meats

    1 for $17.95
  • Birdalicious™
    1 for $19.95
  • Songbird Magnet
    1 for $17.95
  • Safflower Seed
    1 for $17.95
  • Shelled Peanuts
    1 for $18.95
  • Oriole Buffet
    1 for $39.99
  • Cardinal Mix
    1 for $19.95
  • Calcium Grit
    1 for $12.95
  • 8 oz Clear Hummingbird Nectar
    1 for $3.99
  • Suet Wreath Cage
    1 for $9.99
  • Bird Grub ®
    1 for $29.99
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Providing maximum nutrition, our bird food will keep your yard, garden or patio busy and colorful throughout the seasons with happy, healthy birds – from cardinals to chickadees. We offer specialty wild bird food - from oriole nectar to woodpecker cakes - so you can draw a wide variety of visitors. We go beyond wild bird seed to offer energy-packed fruit and nut mixes, shelled peanuts, sunflower meats, and high-quality bird-specific seed blends. Our fortified hummingbird food keeps these enchanting birds darting about your garden in spring and summer.

Supplement the bird food you offer with calcium grit, which birds need as a digestive aid, or bird grub and insect mix. You can place wild bird food almost anywhere, too, with our large assortment of bird feeders, including squirrel proof bird feeders. Providing wild bird seed in winter helps sustain birds through the cold season, but it also adds color when cardinals and other birds stop by.

Not sure which bird food is best – then peruse our selection and discover the perfect food for the species that inhabit your neighborhood. Not all wild bird food consists of seeds; that's why we offer nut or insect suet cakes and feeders to hold them. Or combine wild bird seed with our mealworms to attract insect-eating birds that crave protein, fat and potassium.