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Butterfly Bushes (Buddleia)

Buddleia to bring butterflies and hummingbirds to your yard.

Plant butterfly bushes (Buddleia) and discover the joy of these colorful and fragrant flowering shrubs. During summer, butterfly shrubs bloom conical clusters of star-like florets, and butterfly plants have an arching habit thats particularly visually appealing. Diminutive dwarf butterfly bushes only reach about two feet tall, while other varieties of butterfly shrubs can attain heights of nine feet.
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Cultivate butterfly bushes and prepare for daily visits from swarms of butterflies, along with hummingbirds and bees. Whether you plant dwarf butterfly bushes or traditional larger-sized varieties, our distinctive Buddleia are sure to be admired by humans as well as other creatures. The striking spires of butterfly shrubs grow to an impressive nine feet tall. Healthy butterfly plants can also achieve equally impressive nine-foot spreads.

Towering butterfly bushes tend to grow in arches, adding an interesting contrast to the vertical and horizontal sightlines in gardens and yards. Diminutive dwarf butterfly bushes also have an arching habit, but the spires of these perennials only reach two to three feet tall. Taller butterfly shrubs work well as background in informal flower borders, while dwarf varieties are ideal for pots and other containers. Look for butterfly plants to pop up across six hardiness zones, in partially shaded areas as well as spaces that receive plenty of sun.

In summer, butterfly bushes produce their lilac-like conical clusters of tiny star-shaped flowers. Plant lavender dwarf butterfly bushes, or consider blue, violet, red or pink varieties. The blooms of butterfly shrubs emit a fruity scent that gently perfumes the air. Blooming butterfly plants can retain their florets for several weeks for eye-popping, long-lasting displays of vibrant color.