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Carnations (Dianthus)

Cut flower classics for the garden.

Elegant carnation plants provide classic charm to gardens, borders and containers. Look for carnation flowers to bloom in midspring to summer, producing bright pink, white, and yellow hues, along with deep red, purple and even striped perennial flowers. The vivid hues and fragrant aroma of these colorful flowers make carnations irresistible to bees and hummingbirds.

New to growing flowers for floristry? Try our tips for growing carnations.
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Add classic carnation plants to your garden for timeless flowers that are sure to be admired by neighbors, guests and passersby. Colorful carnation flowers burst forth in midspring to early summer from stems growing anywhere from two inches to three feet tall. Carnations can hold their bright blooms for several weeks for many visits from local hummingbirds and bees. These delightful perennial flowers also posses a mildly spicy, clove-like scent that gently perfumes the air around their beds. You can cultivate carnation plants in a variety of settings, including borders, containers, walkways, and entryways, and these radiant perennials even thrive in rock gardens. Easy to grow, carnation flowers are ideal plants for those gardeners who are still developing their green thumbs. Space these colorful plants about a foot to two feet apart in partially shaded or very sunny spaces, and they'll flourish. Wildly popular cut perennial flowers, carnations make perfect corsages, boutonnieres and, of course, Mother's Day bouquets.