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Daylilies (Hemerocallis)

Reblooming, dwarf, mixes and more.

Daylily plants are easy to grow and produce lovely trumpet-shaped florets. In summer, daylily flowers burst into lavender, red, orange, yellow or multi-colored blooms. Reblooming daylilies will continue to flower right into fall. Hardy daylilies thrive across six planting zones, and these pretty perennials offer strong resistance to pests and diseases. You'll find plenty of variety in the daylily family, from classic "ditch lilies" to elegant double-blooming varieties!

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Daylily plants are the perfect choice when searching for vibrant, cheerful flowers that are a cinch to grow and maintain. Choosing among daylily flowers to plant is a joy in itself, with more than 100 spectacular varieties in our collection. Consider classic orange daylilies, or try bright yellow, creamy peach or soft pink. Plant red daylilies for a burst of bold scarlet in a rock garden, or, for striking dramatic effect, cultivate two-toned daylilies near entryways. The diversity of daylily plants is astounding – along with standard bloomers, you'll find reblooming varieties that produce fresh, bright flowers each day. Remarkable reblooming daylily flowers emerge beginning in late spring to early summer, and they continue to bloom in cycles well into fall. These versatile plants span a wide range of sizes, from ground-huggers reaching around six inches, to towering giants growing four feet tall. Ddaylilies will charm you with their sleek, leafless stems and flared, trumpet-shaped florets. Sturdy and lovely, daylily plants are so easy to grow they frequently pop up in fields outside of gardens – some people even call the naturally-occuring orange variety "ditch lilies"! You'll find hardy daylily flowers blooming throughout seven planting zones, and these delightful perennials are disease resistant and drought tolerant. To keep daylilies trim and tidy, just remove the spent flower stems, and very little other maintenance is required. Cut daylilies also make for for eye-catching indoor displays.