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Drought Tolerant

Perfect for dry gardens and rock gardens!

Discover lush, drought-tolerant plants that deliver all of the color and excitement you want in your garden! Look beyond traditional drought resistant plants and find unique phlox, daylilies and more! Whether you're looking for drought resistant plants to install in a harsh climate, or you're committed to reducing water usage, our vast selection of garden gems will inspire a garden oasis. Find drought tolerant flowers, sedums, ground covers and grasses.
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Your dry spots needn't look drab! Drought tolerant plants at Spring Hill Nurseries require little irrigation and still provide beautiful color and texture to your yard. These drought resistant plants include a stunning selection of bold daylilies, delicate hydrangeas, colorful sedums and much more. Many of these drought tolerant flowers have exceptional staying power, blooming from early summer into fall. Even our drought tolerant ground cover Phlox subulata thrives in poor sandy soil where other ground covers fail.

With drought tolerant plants, it's easy to add a burst of color to borders, walkways and garden beds without the need for daily watering. Many of our drought resistant plants thrive despite the heat and poor soil conditions. Discover cheerful drought tolerant flowers that bloom profusely with little care and grow virtually anywhere. Drought tolerant ground cover, including colorful sedum and phlox, can make a big impact in drought resistant landscaping.

With drought tolerant plants from Spring Hill Nurseries, don't sacrifice stunning color and form to achieve easy-care landscaping. Who knew that drought resistant plants came in such a beautiful array of colors, from delicate yellows and pinks to eye-catching reds, purples and oranges! Looking specifically for drought tolerant flowers - then check out our selection of daylilies that are full of personality with large blooms and unique coloring. Use our drought tolerant ground cover to fill in those bare spots in your landscaping.