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Seedless grapes, cold-hardy grapes and more!

Home-grown grape vines enhance a garden or backyard with lush foliage and the elegant beauty of colorful grape clusters. Whether your grape plants are trained to a trellis, grown along a fence or spread across an arbor, you'll soon be savoring plump, juicy fruit. Try our seedless grape plants, or Vitis labrusca, in home-baked goodies and preserves.

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Grape vines, or Vitis labrusca, and their plump, juicy fruit have long stood as symbols of the earth's bounty. With grape plants from Spring Hill Nurseries, it's easier than ever to grow this popular, deliciously sweet fruit at home. Seedless grape plants are a must-have for home cooks who want to produce fuss-free gourmet-quality desserts and canned goods. Our best grape vines produce colorful fruit clusters that you'll relish right off the vine.

Find the perfect grape vines for your region or taste. Many of our cold-hardy grape plants offer good disease resistance and high yields of deep blue, mild flavored fruit. Plant multiple varieties of seedless grape plants that mature at different times, making the most of your fresh fruit season. Our best grape vines produce versatile fruit - sweet, juicy and seedless - ideal for making jams and jellies, pies and wine.

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