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Brightly colored, early-blooming, and deer-resistant.

Look for helleborus plants in sunny hues such as yellow, pink and blue, or try our many speckled varieties. Though they look delicate, helleborus flowers are tough, retaining their late winter blooms for several months. Also called Lenten roses, helleborus thrive across four hardiness zones, and are resistant to frost, diseases and insect pests.
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Grow showy helleborus plants - and brighten your garden in the late winter or early spring with these delightful early bloomers. Look for colorful helleborus flowers in yellow, pink, white, blue and gold, as well as bolder shades, such as red, purple and near-black. Known as the Lenten rose, these flowers may also be splashed with dazzling spots as well as striking double blooms. Cup-shaped helleborus Lenten rose blooms feature five smooth-edged petals, and some varieties offer lovely ruffled petals.

Hardy helleborus plants are valued by gardeners for their long-lasting blooms, which can remain on the stems for up to three months. Look for bright helleborus flowers to pop up throughout four planting zones, and these evergreen perennials can reach up to 20 inches tall with spreads up to 24 inches. Each Lenten rose is surrounded by rich green, leathery-textured foliage that replenishes itself after the blooms have fallen. Cultivate these flowers with confidence knowing that they have a strong resistance to insect pests, diseases and deer.