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Winter-hardy blooms with a tropical look.

Our hardy hibiscus plants can add a tropical touch to northern and Midwestern gardens! Striking hibiscus flowers are large and saucer shaped, growing three to five inches around. From rose mallow plants to rose of Sharon bushes, hibiscus can sprout right up to the first frost. Caring for a hibiscus bush is easy, as these flowering bushes only require minor pruning each season.
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A single, thriving hibiscus plant can produce many delightful blooms, making these showy plants perfect focal points. Grouped together, hibiscus flowers are an even more spectacular sight, sure to stop neighbors and passersby in their tracks. When it blooms, a hibiscus bush is covered with very large flowers with lovely ruffled petals. Some varieties of this rose of Sharon plant have extremely long flowering periods that can stretch from midsummer into the first frost of the year.

Taller hibiscus plant varieties can reach up to10 feet in height, while smaller versions of these flowering bushes reach about 4 feet. Attention-grabbing hibiscus flowers are funnel-shaped, like open bells, presenting an irresistible invitation to birds, bees and butterflies. A thriving hibiscus bush spreads 3 to 5 feet so allot it plenty of space to show off. Cultivate this rose of Sharon plant in areas that receive plenty of sun, or in partially shaded spaces.

Consider a hibiscus plant for borders, or plant hibiscus flowers around trees for colorful trimming. Hibiscus flowers burst with bright pastel hues, from pink to powder blue, and other varieties feature rose-red, rich azure or purplish blooms. A hibiscus bush is easy to grow, and tolerates a wide range of soils. The hardy rose of Sharon plant is resistant to common pests and diseases, requiring only minor pruning to rejuvenate its growth and maintain its lush beauty.