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Hollyhocks (Alcea rosea)

Drought-resistant hollyhocks in tall and miniature varieties.

Add hollyhock plants for a classic, old-fashioned touch to modern landscapes, gardens and borders. Hollyhock flowers bloom in a rainbow of hues, and can reach 30 inches to 6 feet tall. Some alcea rosea plants will thrive in arid climates and even through droughts, but the miniature hollyhock prefers even soil moisture.
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Hollyhock plants are tall, with eye-catching structure and background perfect for borders and beds. Hollyhock flowers are classic plants that burst with bell-shaped florets or striking double blooms. Also called by their botanical name, Alcea rosea, hollyhocks provide an old-fashioned accent to cottages and backyard gazebos. While the miniature hollyhock grows from 30 to 32 inches in height, other varieties can reach four to six feet tall, towering over their dainty but pretty cousins.

Hollyhock plants are known for their reliability and hardiness, and some stalwart hollyhocks are even drought resistant plants that will thrive in the most arid of growing conditions. From sturdy stems, hollyhock flowers emerge, bursting pink, yellow, red or purple petals. Look for the alcea rosea to deliver its blooms midsummer to early fall, and these lovely perennial flowers can last throughout the summer. Try planting brilliant miniature hollyhock with daylilies, lythrum plants, Russian sage and other partial shade and sun-loving plants.