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Lush ground cover plants thrive - even in the shade.

Hosta plants feature thick, rich foliage that thrives in the shadiest garden locations. Trumpet-shaped hosta flowers bloom from tall spikes in the summer and their flowers will last into frost. Excellent ground cover plants, these hardy perennials include striking silver-gray-blue leaves as well as giant hosta varieties that can reach up to more than 4 feet high.
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    Hosta Mix Super Bag

    Hosta Mix Super Bag

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  • Hadspen Blue Hosta
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  • Fire Island Hosta
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  • Wheee! Hosta
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  • Brother Stefan Hosta
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  • Award Winning Hosta Collection
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Producing rich, dense foliage, hosta plants are so tough they seem bullet proof. Hardy hosta flowers bloom from tall spikes in the summer, up to the first frost. Hostas are ideal ground cover plants, spreading out from 10 to 60 inches across and reaching from 15 to 4 feet or more in height. Look for the striking blue-tinted hostas or make a bold statement with towering giant hostas that can grow to more than 4 feet with leaves that can spread out to 18 inches. These hosta plants are resilient perennials that will thrive across five hardiness zones. Delightful hosta flowers boast trumpet-shaped florets, while hosta leaves can be heart-shaped to almost perfectly round. Hostas are ground cover plants that dress up shady spaces and borders, but they truly appreciate north-facing foundations. Add giant hosta plants and other varieties for beautiful dense, low growing foliage that makes your garden a work of art.