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Lilacs (Syringa)

Fragrant and prolifically-blooming classics.

Cultivate classic lilac plants for attention-grabbing centerpieces, or grow a flowering lilac bush for a border or walkway. Look for lilac flowers to burst open beginning in spring, with long canes producing voluminous pink, yellow, white, red, purple or blue blooms. Plant a lilac tree and enjoy daily visits from hummingbirds and butterflies throughout the flowering season.
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Choose lilac bushes and you'll enjoy a season of cascades of blossoms and sweet fragrance. Look for lilac flowers in sunny shades, such as pink, white and yellow, and these lovely perennial plants also offer deep blue, purple and red blooms. Plant a lilac tree for a garden centerpiece that's sure to grab attention. Consider a dwarf lilac bush when you want to enhance bare borders, as these varieties grow to just about eye-level.

Classic garden perennials, lilac plants transform homes with their elegance. Lilac flowers bloom from long canes beginning in early spring, and these beloved perennials maintain their vibrant blossoms for several weeks. Some large lilac tree varieties shoot 12 to 15 feet above the ground with lush 6 to 12 foot spreads of oval, elliptical or heart-shaped leaves. Choose a lilac bush with bicolored blooms, such as pink and white, for an even more striking visual display.

Certain lilac plants perfume the air with very strong scents, while other varieties offer milder fragrances. Freshly cut lilac flowers are a warm way to share spring with friends and neighbors. A lilac tree, with its arching branches of blossoms, is an open invitation to butterflies and hummingbirds. A lilac bush is a stalwart shrub, found throughout four to five hardiness zones, thriving in sunny areas as well as partially shaded spaces.