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Redbuds (Cercis canadensi)

Weeping redbuds offer lavender or white flowers and beautiful branches.

Blessed with vibrant flowers, redbud trees (Cercis canadensi) also possess lovely, heart-shaped green foliage, which becomes yellow or golden during fall. Gracefully growing ornamental trees, weeping redbud trees produce cascades of branches that reach for the ground, creating unforgettable landscapes. Try our Lavender Twist redbud trees for beautiful purple flowers.
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Plant redbud trees for bright and cheery accents to gardens and borders, or plant these delightful decorative trees as centerpieces for front and back yards. Consider varieties of weeping redbud trees (Cercis canadensi) for their unique and elegant cascades of flowers and foliage. Vividly flowering trees, redbuds are prized for their beautiful pea-like flowers, which can include soft pink, hot pink, magenta or rose-purple colors. Weeping redbuds are ideal ornamental trees for smaller spaces, woodland gardens and naturalized areas.

Look for redbud trees to flower at the cusp of spring, producing multitudes of blooms on bare branches and sometimes even mature tree trunks. While weeping redbud trees only reach heights of 5 to 6 feet, larger redbud varieties tower 20 to 30 feet above lawns. Expect the smaller flowering trees to grow 5 to 8 feet across, while larger redbud varieties attain 25 to 35 foot spreads. Plant these showy ornamental trees in either partially shaded spaces or very sunny areas.

As they mature, weeping redbud trees are especially attractive because their twisting, umbrella-like branches can eventually touch the ground. Weeping redbud trees and other varieties of this beloved decorative tree are strong and capable, growing throughout four hardiness zones. Disease and pest resistant flowering trees, redbuds are relatively low maintenance, requiring just a few hours of pruning in late winter and early spring. Although prized as ornamental trees for their splendid flowers, redbuds also boast attractive heart-shaped leaves that transform from lush green to dazzling yellow or gold, come fall.