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Roses (Rosa)

Rose shrubs and climbing roses with exuberant blooms.

Cultivate rose bushes or climbing roses and enhance gardens, walkways or borders with these timeless beauties. Rose plants thrive throughout several hardiness zones, producing brilliantly colored flowers with an array of sweet, spicy and citrusy fragrances. Look for stunning rose flowers in rich red, pink and yellow shades, or investigate bright white, orange or purple roses.
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Looking for rose bushes is a joy at Spring Hill Nurseries, with over 30 varieties of these gorgeous garden favorites. Thriving rose plants, with their brilliant shades, are sure to wow neighbors, guests and passersby. Elegant rose flowers are not just visual treats for eyes, as these queens of the garden are also prized for their rich, sweet fragrances. Cultivating beautiful climbing roses or other varieties is not as hard as you might think, and you'll discover the right rose shrub or plant for your climate in our colorful collection.

Rose bushes make any landscape design standout, and add timeless grace to walkways, entryways and borders. New varieties of rose plants have been developed that are especially resistant to insect pests and diseases, and some roses can retain their vibrant blooms throughout summer. Rose flowers perfume the air with a range of scents, from mildly citrus to quite spicy. Consider climbing roses to adorn plain walls, or decorate trellises, fences or other supporting structures with these classic flowers.

Look for rose bushes offering bright yellow, white, pink, or orange blooms, or if you prefer richer colors, consider red, lavender or purple shades. Mini rose plants are ideal for patio containers and other smaller, outdoor features. Freshly cut rose flowers are the ultimate gift bouquet, and roses grown from your own rose bushes are sure to inspire unforgettable floral arrangements. Certain varieties of climbing roses have been bred in Canada, so they're particularly strong and vigorous, thriving right up until the first frost.