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Pincushion flowers offer deer-resistant blooms in pink, blue and purple.

Tall scabiosa plants, also known as pincushion plants, offer breathtaking star-shaped blooms that can range in size from two to five inches around. Look for dazzling scaobiosa flowers in delightful pastel blue and pink shades, and though scabiosas are deer resistant plants, butterflies are sure to visit these bold beauties. A thriving, colorful pincushion flower garden is the foundation for memorable cut flower displays.
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Showstopping scabiosa plants, with their tall stems and big, pincushion-like centers, bring a dramatic touch to gardens. Scabiosa flowers are large, luscious blooms, growing up to five inches in width.This colorful plant is most often a shade of blue, but you can also find these plants that attract butterflies in lavender, white and pink hues. Excellent deer resistant plants, scabiosa plants reach heights up to two feet, producing thick gray to blue-green foliage.

Look for scabiosa plants to bloom in late summer, right up until the first frost, and these tough perennials retain their flowers for many weeks. In the wind, scabiosa flowers gently sway, creating enchanting garden scenes. Cultivate a pincushion flower garden to inspire spectacular indoor arrangements. Certain varieties of these deer resistant plants also offer a mild fragrance, making these bright beauties even more irresistible to gardeners.

Scabiosa plants thrive throughout six hardiness zones, preferring partially shaded spaces as well as areas that receive a good amount of sun. Cut frilly scabiosa flowers for fresh bouquets to give to neighbors, friends and loved ones. Investigate new varieties of pincushion flower plants for even more vibrant colors, and recent hybrids can produce hundreds of blooms from a single scabiosa plant. To keep these deer resistant plants tidy, and to encourage the most blooms, simply remove spent flower heads from time to time.