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Vines & Climbers

Add height and interest to your garden with clematis, trumpet vine and more.

Colorful vine plants transform bare or boring vertical spaces into eye-popping areas of visual interest. Our climbing plants offer a myriad of choices, such as timeless climbing roses, stunning clematis plants and distinctive trumpet vines. These climbing flowering vine plants, with their big, brightly colored blooms, are often also irresistible to butterflies and hummingbirds. Many varieties bloom in shade or sun.
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    Flamenco Trumpet Vine

    Flamenco Trumpet Vine

    1 for $14.99
  • Carnaby Clematis
    1 for $19.99
  • Passion Flower Vine
    1 for $14.99
  • Violet Stargazer Clematis
    1 for $24.99
  • Sweet Autumn Clematis
    1 for $19.99
  • Mango Tango Trumpet Vine
    1 for $14.99
  • Silver Bells<sup>™</sup> Chocolate Vine
    1 for $14.99
  • Samaritan Jo Clematis
    1 for $19.99
  • My Angel Clematis
    1 for $24.99
  • Ramona Clematis
    1 for $19.99
  • Sen-No-Kaze Clematis
    1 for $19.99
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Add vine plants and take your gardens, yards, trellises, arbors and fences to dazzling new heights. With their sprawling growth, climbing plants raise sightlines and transform empty vertical spaces into visual delights. Look for colorful flowering vine plants that shine against glossy, leafy backgrounds. Add high climbing clematis plants for their bright and big blooms that can reach 3 to 6 inches around.

Eye-catching vine plants offer a rainbow of blooms, from deep orange to coral pink, while other varieties sprout multi-hued flowers with rich blue petals tinged in hot pink. The florets of climbing plants can be pitcher, bell, or star-shaped, and some species feature long tubular blossoms. Flowering vine plants also boast attractive foliage with heart-, spear- or compound-shaped leaves. One climbing variety, clematis plants can yield spectacular blooms for an astounding five months.

Lovely and hardy vine plants thrive across four to five planting zones. Versatile climbing plants flourish in partially shaded areas as well as spots that receive generous amounts of sunlight. Some flowering vine plants also produce sweet fragrances that perfume their surroundings and many spread out over wide areas. Prolific growers, clematis plants, for example, can spread up to 8 to 12 feet in a single season, while other varieties reach 2 to 4 feet.