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Jackmanii Clematis Growing Tips

Jackmanii Clematis Growing Tips

Jackmanii Clematis thrives in just about any condition. Full sun or partial shade—it doesn’t matter to this quick, vigorous climber. It’s an easy plant to maintain, which makes it a great addition to any gardener’s landscape. If you’re one of the many people who have recently realized this increasingly popular vine is one of the best perennial plants available, or you’re in the market for a new vine and wondering what variety is most convenient, here’s some quick, helpful tips to help you care for Jackmanii Clematis.

  • Clematis needs to be watered really well once a week for the first few seasons. Because of this, the vine needs a soil that drains well. If you’ve already planted your clematis and are having problems with drainage, add sand to the soil to help.

  • Clematis roots need to remain cool, so mulch them to help keep the temperature down. You can also plant other varieties of plants with big leaves—particularly hostas—around clematis to shade the plant’s roots.

  • Pruning is very important. Generally, clematis that blooms on this year’s growth should be pruned in early spring (Jackmanii fits this description), while clematis that blooms on last year’s growth should be pruned back right after blooming. Pruning properly will encourage much better growth and blooms.

Jackmanii Clematis will be climbing walls, arbors or fences in no time if you follow these helpful tips.

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