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Botanical name: Chyrsanthemum

Mums are among the easiest of all perennials to plant and grow. Our Hardy Mammoth Mums consistently produce at least two times more blooms than other garden mum strains. Finally a truly winter-hardy mum, these mums were specially bred by the University of Minnesota to withstand temperatures down to -30°F! By the second and third years they will produce thousands of flowers and attain an eventual width to cover 3-4' across. They can even be grown as a seasonal hedge that blooms each fall. Your mums have been shipped to you as top-quality potted plants at the recommended planting time for your area. They will begin growing as soon as they are planted.

Soil Preparation
Although the mums do well in average soil, for optimum results you can improve your
soil as follows:

  1. Spade or rototill the soil to a depth of 12-15".
  2. Mix in a generous 2-4" layer of dehydrated manure, garden compost or peat moss and Spring Hill’s Advanced Formula Plant Food. (If soil is already rich in garden loam and well drained, the addition of Spring Hill’s Advanced Formula Plant Food will provide the ideal conditions for superior growth and blooming.)
Plant 2-3' apart to create a hedge effect; 4' apart to maintain individual plants.
Dig a hole twice the size of the pot in which your plants are shipped. Carefully remove the plant from the pot. Score a vertical mark on all four sides of the root ball to encourage roots to grow out into the surrounding soil. Hold the root ball in the hole with the top of the root ball level with the surrounding soil surface and carefully fill in around the root ball. Firm the soil around the plant with your fingers to remove any air pockets. Water thoroughly after planting.

Continuing Care
When rainfall is less than 1" a week during the growing season, water your plants thoroughly each week. A 2-4" layer of mulch will help retain moisture and keep weeding to a minimum. These mums require minimal care—no pinching, pruning or deadheading needed.
Each spring, apply a surface dressing of Spring Hill’s Advanced Formula Plant Food to your plants, scratch into soil and water thoroughly. 

After your mums have finished blooming, and after there is a heavy frost, cut plants back to about 2". Discard the stems. After the ground freezes, apply a 2-4" layer of mulch to protect the roots in areas where the ground tends to heave during periods of alternate freezing and thawing. Remove winter mulch in spring, being careful not to damage young growth.

Because your mums will multiply, you can divide your plants. Every three to four years, just as growth is beginning in the spring, plants can be lifted and divided into clumps of 3-5 shoots. These divisions can be planted as your original mums were.

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