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Succulent Collection

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Succulents are some of the easiest to grow of all plants, and they come in a plethora of shapes and colors. They are long-lived and slow-growing, which makes them ideal for a container to grow outdoors in the summer and bring inside to a sunny window for the winter. These desert plants pretty much thrive on neglect, actually prefer hot, dry conditions and are perfectly happy to grow in the same rather crowded pot for years. Plant in a fast-draining mix designed for Cactii or succulents. In the summer, place outdoors and water when the top of the soil is dry. In winter, move indoors to a bright location and cut back watering to only every other month. This is a selection of interesting and colorful succulents that go together particularly well, making it easy for you to create your own stunning container to grow outdoors in the summer and bring inside to a sunny window for the winter. They fit in a 12" or 14" pot quite nicely, and will slowly grow to fill a larger container. The colors are most intense in full sun with little water.

Collection Includes:

Flapjacks Kalanchoe

Fleshy, paddle-like leaves that become richly flushed with red, especially in winter.

Happy Young Lady Cotyledon

Narrow, thick leaves beautifully dusted in silver and tipped in purple. Grows to 18" or more, but is easily pruned to any size you wish.

Fine Gold Leaf Sedum

Bright yellow-green leaves spill gracefully over the sides of a container.

Coppertone Sedum

Stunning copper color, especially in full sun!

Black Prince Echeveria

Rosettes of leaves that emerge dark green and deepen to purple-black.

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Gardening Details for Succulent Collection

Botanical Name: Combo - Succulents Collection 6 plants
Common Name: Succulents
Form: Succulents
Sun Exposure: Partial Shade/Full Sun
Spread: 2"-8"
Spacing: 6"-18"
Hardiness Zone: 9 - 10
Flowering Date: Early spring to summer, depending on variety
Shipping Season: Spring
Unique Characterstics: Succulents are the hottest new trend in gardening! Their variety of gorgeous colors and textures, along with their ease of care, make them desirable. Enjoy their unique beauty and style, with such little maintenance. Provide them with plenty of sunlight, a container with excellent drainage, and let the soil dry slightly before watering, and you'll be sure to enjoy healthy, happy succulents for many seasons to come. In winter, move indoors to a bright location and water only when soil is dry to the touch. Flapjacks Kalanchoe adds bright color and height to this collection, with bright red leaves that have a wonderfully contrasting light green at their base. Its paddlelike leaves resemble a vertical stack of pancakes. Happy Young Lady Cotyledon showcases upright, greyish-green, thick foliage, tipped in rich purple. Leaves add vertical flair, with thick bunches of foliage that is shaped similar to thick-cut french fries. In summer, very pretty salmon flowers appear. Coppertone Sedum adds more stunning vertical interest with its thick, cylindrical foliage that turns spectacular shades of copper with the help of the warm summer sun. Pure white flowers shine above its coppery tones in spring. The dramaticly dark, purple-black rosettes of the Black Prince Echeveria add rich color that contrasts beautifully with the bright colors of the other succulents. The rosette is highlighted by a bright, lime green center. Fine Gold Leaf Sedum adds that perfect finishing touch, with its tiny, almost lacelike, chartreuse foliage that forms a dense, low mat of vibrant color that spills over the edge of a container. Its bright green lacy foliage makes a stunning contrast planted next to the rich, deep purple-black foliage of the Black Prince Echeveria.
Flower Color: Mixed
Foliage Type: Variety of colors and textures.
Soil Requirement: Light, sandy soil, or succulent potting mix. Must have good drainage.
Restricted States: AE AK GU HI PR
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Item No: 00973

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succulent collection Review by gee willikers - Walton, NY
Posted on 2014-04-10

These Plants arrived healthy however they are not what was listed. If you have a specific plantnin mind maybe you should order it separately

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Item No: 00973
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