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Apricot Princess Rose

Butterflies are Drawn to These Sweet-Smelling Flowers!
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Long-lasting double blooms deepen from a vivid apricot to coral from midsummer to frost. Glossy, dark green foliage on sturdy stems sets the stage for these robust roses. Creates a lovely border, ground cover, specimen or container planting. Grows just 18-24" tall. Ships in a 4" pot. Zones 4-10 Rosa x 'Apricot Princess'

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Gardening Details for Apricot Princess Rose

Botanical Name: Rosa x 'Apricot Princess' (Exclusive)
Common Name: Rose
Form: Deciduous woody rose
Root System: Fibrous and woody
Sun Exposure: Partial Shade/Full Sun
Height/Habit: 18 - 24"
Spread: 18 - 24"
Spacing: 18 - 24"
Hardiness Zone: zones 4 - 10
Flowering Date: Mid summer onward.
Duration: all summer
Cut Flowers: Yes
Dried Flowers: Yes
Shipping Season: Spring
Unique Characterstics: Spectacular bloom color. This petite growing rose produces lots of blooms for an extended period each season. Enjoy sweet smelling blooms in a bright vibrant apricot which deepens as the blooms mature. This rose is not a grafted rose, it is on its own root stock therefore it is much more vigorous and hardy.
Flower Color: Apricot with a deeper coral as the blooms mature.
Flower Form: Double rose blooms approximately 1 3/4" - 2".
Foliage Type: Glossy, dark green with slightly serrated edges.
Borders: Yes
Fragrance: Nice fragrance
Pruning: Prune to shape, control size or remove spent blooms.
Pruning Time: All season when necessary.
Soil Requirement: Well drained, organically rich soil.
Shipped: Potted
Additional Information: Spring Hill Exclusive.
Restricted States: AE AK GU HI PR
Out of Stock
Item No: 74545

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Customer Reviews for Apricot Princess Rose

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Awesome! Review by Jessica Arthur - Detroit, MI
Posted on 2013-09-30

Springhill did a very nice job shipping many items to me this year but of all the plants I received this little beauty got the most compliments! It didn't have a bud on it when I put it in the ground but this first year it produced dozens of flowers, many which I clipped and brought inside, filling my dining room with a lovely fragrance. The color is not quite as "orangy" as the photo shown here but it is still a show stopper. I have planted many roses(all beautiful) but this one really stands out with its unique color and perfect form. I have received more compliments on it than any other plant I've had. True it is in the front of my home (facing southwest) but it really is a great one! With just a little pruning of old blooms the new buds that form are so perfect. They look like a long stem rose you would get from a florist. They are not Full size roses but not those little mini ones either. Just perfect petal formation with a lovely scent on a in between size! Now at the end of the season I still have over a dozen flowers, still many many buds, and lots of new growth! I couldn't be happier! Now if it just makes it for my move, hope it survives the transplant!

Apricot Princess Rose Review by Sheila
Posted on 2013-08-04

It is pretty strong only the color is not apricot. More like reddish. I wish the color in the photo could be showing the real color of the flowers.

Very pleased Review by Love them!!!
Posted on 2013-06-03

These little roses are quite special. The color is perfection and the little bushes are covered in fragrant blooms. The blooms last a long time also. You can't go wrong with these little darlings.

Very well Review by Ash
Posted on 2013-05-13

Bought two of these two years back growing very well and the blooms are awesome

Best Must Haves Review by cars
Posted on 2013-04-01

"I have had these for 5 yrs now and they are just as lovely as the first year I planted them, I advise everyone that wants color and hardy roses to get these even if you do not want a rose still get them for the color."

Fun to have Review by New guy
Posted on 2013-03-09

I planted these as a backdrop to the smaller red & yellow magic roses. They are very fun to have if you have toddlers because their blooms & stem length are the perfect size for a toddler to make mini bouquets. Like most stuff I've gotten here year one is slow but year 2 and beyond it really takes off.

Lovely Review by Kari - New Lisbon, WI
Posted on 2012-02-08

"I have had these for several years in my zone 4 Wisconsin winters, They are fairly hardy , but died back. Still I was patient and there they came again... growing and blooming nonstop with such a lovely color. I love these little guys."

Good choice Review by Lynn - Boynton Beach, Fl
Posted on 2012-01-11

I just got this order about three months ago and the flowers are blooming! I order this type of roses because the reviews and I'm happy I did!

Best orange color ever Review by Sandra Robinson - Elmore, OH
Posted on 2011-11-26

"I love orange & this rose is the most beautiful, non-fading, continuous blooming, disease resistant, true deep, bright orange rose I've ever grown. It kept it's neat compact form on strong stems even in gale force winds. I am a Master Gardener specializing in hummingbird, buttrefly, wildlife gardening & I loved that this rose attracts buterflies. It's still blooming on Thanksgiving Day! I'm going to buy lots more."

Survived Texas Drought Review by Aileen - Dallas, TX
Posted on 2011-10-07

"I ordered these roses together with the other magic roses and these are the only ones that survived. The red, pink and yellow are all dead. They are not apricot and look like the ones showing on the photo. They look bright coral pink. You have to deadhead to keep them continuously blooming. But worth it."

beautiful color Review by amy - Bellaire, mi
Posted on 2011-07-20

They arrived very healthy and within a couple months are blooming beautifully! I love the color and abundant blooms.

Just Beautiful!! Review by Gwen - Anahuac, TX
Posted on 2011-07-05

"These roses are beautiful, they have been blooming the entire summer!! I purchased 3 of them and feel like I need to buy more!"

Superb Review by Robin - Meridian, TX
Posted on 2011-06-30

The first three I received in the fall took off quickly and starting blooming almost immediately. The color was so great I ordered three more for spring planting. They have done well also in the extreme heat but I would recommend fall planting. Love these roses. Might have to put in another flowerbed so I can get some more.

Hardy little plant.... Review by Roby Wilson - Gainesville, VA
Posted on 2011-05-29

"I purchased 4 of these in April 2011. The directions say to plant right away. I delayed for almost three weeks and they started to look like they wouldn't make it. I went ahead and planted them, one turned brown and the flower that was budding died. Two weeks or so after planting it has baby green leaves and they all are growing with one budding. It is May 29 right now. These are hardy little rose bushes, flowers are pretty. I can't wait for it to grow more. I would highly recommend this item."

My favorite rose Review by Robin - Meridian, TX
Posted on 2011-04-09

I love these roses. Bloom early and are quickly covered in beautiful buds turning to gorgeous roses. I planted these so I could see them from my desk and enjoy the great vivid color so much. The went in the ground last fall and bloomed some immediately but this spring they are just wonderful. I ordered three more and will plant them today but I am even considering getting more. You won't regret ordering these beauties.

Beautiful and Tough Review by Robin Brady - Meridian, TX
Posted on 2011-03-08

I ordered a special group of three last fall. They were in excellent condition when received and started growing and blooming immediately. They overwintered great and are taking off now early in March. The color is wonderful and I am going to pay full price to get more for my front flower bed. I highly recommend these roses.

THESE ARE MUST HAVES!! Review by Dana - Houston, TX
Posted on 2011-03-02

I got 3 of these in Sept. I believe and they are the most darling little roses you will ever see in your life. The color is amazing. I put these little pretties in a sunny spot and I have buds already. It's not even summer yet. They are almost. I am a first year gardener but you would think I was master if you looked at my apricot princesses. Thank you Spring Hill.

Roses in Texas Review by Elina - Killeen, TX
Posted on 2011-02-23

"This is the best roses I ever plant!!!! They grow super fast too! With minimum care I have very beautiful, colorful, sweet smelling roses. Thank you!"

Almost care-free roses Review by Dana - Houston, TX
Posted on 2011-02-13

I almost don't have to do a thing and these cuties bloom and grow very fast. I ordered 3 of these and received them in excellent condition. I have never grown anything before and these little roses make it seem easy. I just followed the instructions that came with the plants and when I have questions I call Spring Hill back. I had lots of roses and kept coming till early December. Even though it's not blooming season the leaves are so pretty. Definitely would recommend you get yourself a few

Easy Review by Karen - Covington, GA
Posted on 2011-02-07

Got this rose summer 2010. It grew fast and bloomed pretty sweet smelling roses shortly after planting (arrived with a bloom and buds). Unfortunately we had a snow ice situation here and it broke my plant to the ground. Requested a replacement. This is a great plant.

Stunning! Review by Mimi Ledoux - Manchester, NH
Posted on 2010-11-23

Bought one of these in the spring ......grew 2 1/2 ft round bush that flowered all summer. Color is stunning. Just cut another bud Nov. 22 as frost was expected at nite. Will be buying a bunch in spring put put around my lamp post.

Ever blooming Review by Jeanette - Brunswick, GA
Posted on 2010-10-19

"In eary spring when plants arrived they were in little 4"" pots. 2 weeks after planting, they were so heavy with bloom that the stems were laying on the ground. I was happy for the blooms, but didn't like them on the ground. Within a few weeks they were upright and full of blooms. By October of the same year they were about 3 ft tall and still blooming. They are beautiful and my favorite rose for color. I never had much luck with roses, but these are a sure thing. I will get more next spring."

Apricot Princess Rose Review by Anna ODonnell - Cincinnati, OH
Posted on 2010-10-18

Ordered these roses about 1 month ago. They are absolutely beautiful and doing well. Needless to say I adore these roses and am ordering 7 more. The color and rose is incredible. You will not be disappointed in this rose. It certainly lives up to its name.

gorgeous Review by Robin DeLucca - Goldendale, WA
Posted on 2010-10-11

"I just received these 3 roses from springhill and have to say I was amazed, one was blooming in the package, lovely color. We had frost last night and I have to get these girls in the ground tonight or tomorrow...thanks, they are just beautiful!! Nice size also."

Survived the Texas Heat! Review by John - Dallas, TX
Posted on 2010-09-11

These survived the Texas heat with not much extra water! That's always a plus for me. The blooms are a bright coral color and look great!

Hardy Review by Elizabeth - Upper Marlboro, MD
Posted on 2010-07-22

"I planted 8 of the roses. Thought the color would be great. I was right the color is great! The deer ate them down to the ground! We were devastated, however we bought some deer off, and now they are our crowning beauty."

PERFECT Review by Susan Tassin- Billow - Navarre, OH
Posted on 2010-07-05

I planted three of these at the beginning of Spring and they grew very rapidly and started blooming almost immediately. They actually bloomed before my 2 year old roses bloomed. Such a beautiful color like no other. Thanks so much.

beautiful Review by alicia - Chisholm, mn
Posted on 2010-07-05

I ordered this to go into two box planters by my walkway. I ordered this spring and plants grew very quickly. They are covered with sweet smelling beautiful mini roses. This was an awesome purchase. I think I will be getting somemore.

WOW Review by Jessica - Philadelphia, PA
Posted on 2010-07-02

This is my first time ordering flowers through the mail. I have to say they came well packed and very much alive. When I planted them they flowered within two weeks. The color is soooo pretty. I am going to order two more for my containers. Great product.

GORGEOUS!! Review by Kelly - Danville, IL
Posted on 2010-05-16

"I purchased last year and had blooms immediately. This year many blooms in April, although it states blooms in early summer. So very happy with this and other purchases from Springhill!"

Perfect Review by N.C - Jonesboro, GA
Posted on 2010-05-15

"I got these roses back in late Feb. I kept them in the house in pots so they would be strong when I planted them outside. I mixed top-soil with the natural dirt in my yard; its the red clay type. They are doing great! The only thing is the aphids love them. To solve this I sprayed the plant with a mixture of dawn soap and water, all the bugs died. I now have over ten blooms on my plants. This is great! Especially for a first time gardener like me!"

Great Review by Viren - Fort Wayne, IN
Posted on 2010-05-14

"I have been buying flower through internet for a long time. I tried Jackson and Perkins, park seed, blue stone Perennials , 4 seasons but never seen good quality packaging as spring hill staff did. I planted my roses this year will wait for next year for a bloom."

Hardy and Beautiful Review by Liz Cook - Broken Arrow, OK
Posted on 2010-05-11

"I bought just one plant this year to see if it was as good as the reviews and I wasn't disappointed. I didn't get to plant it for two weeks and when I put it in the pot outside I didn't think it would make it but in just two weeks it had doubled in size and now, two months later, it is 1 1/2 feet tall and has several blooms. I know what I'm buying next year!!!!"

lovin these roses Review by el - Staten Island, NY
Posted on 2010-05-10

"if time buyer from these roses right out of the box, great shape even some buds already getting redy to bloom...and ive only had them for like 2 weeks!! will buy more from this company!!! AA+++"

Love it! Review by Nikki - Apollo Beach, FL
Posted on 2010-05-01

I purchased these for the front border of my garden. I wasn't able to plant them for about 2 weeks and managed to keep them alive in the pots they arrived in. It's been 2 1/2 weeks since they've been planted now and they are thriving and even have several blooms already. I'm thrilled!

Very Nice Review by Patricia - Baytown, TX
Posted on 2010-04-24

"I have one of these in my front flower beds and for the past 2 weeks it has been loaded with roses and it is very nice, and compact as stated. this part i do love!"

Great Choice! Review by Emily - Austin, TX
Posted on 2010-04-14

"Bought 6 of these last year, had flowers within weeks. We had the coldest winter (for TX) and they came right back. All 6 are well over the 24"" height stated which was a nice surprise."

well started very healthy plants Review by Laura - Sterling, CO
Posted on 2010-04-02

Mine just arrived today and I'm so excited to get them planted. I've boughten many live plants through the mail and from several well known Garden Shops and I have never been this impressed with the condition that my plants arrived in. Just out of the box the are very good sized plants and oh so healthy. I have always been impressed with the plants I have ordered from Springhill Nursey but they have really out done themself with these. They will be a pleasure to plant and since they are already so well started I'm sure that they will take off and reward me for many years with lush folige and beautiful blooms.

Gorgeous ... Review by Mary - Springboro, OH
Posted on 2010-03-05

Just ordered 3 more to the 6 I purchased last year. The color is amazing. Very beautiful and easy to grow.

Spacing Review by Erin - Rockville, MD
Posted on 2010-03-04

I love the color of this rose. I would like to plant them in a 40' dense hedge/border around my patio. Can anyone recommend spacing?

Just Beautiful! Review by Ahashta - Philadelphia, PA
Posted on 2010-02-04

The roses are beautiful! I am always getting complements on them. Each year they are even better than before.

Best Rose Period Review by KJ Lovell - Duncan, OK
Posted on 2010-01-21

"This is the best rose ever. I have never had good luck with roses until planting these all along the west and north sides of my house. However, mine have grown to 4 feet in 2 seasons, not the 18 to 24 inches I expected. Very striking, and limitless compliments."

WOW! Review by Niki Lowman - Connelly Springs, NC
Posted on 2009-05-18

"Absolutely love these roses! I've never had much luck with roses, but I ordered these and they make me look like a professional gardner! I have had nothing but compliments and many a wow over these gorgeous apricot beauties!! They grow super fast too!!"

A Beauty Review by Carolyn Prenot - Winona, MN
Posted on 2009-02-13

"The Apricot Rose is just beautifull, I ordered & received mine last year, planted in front of my house & got many complements on them. You will be very happy with this rose, as I. I also will be ordering a few more."

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Item No: 74545
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