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Brilliant Miniature Hollyhock

Reminiscent of an All-Time Favorite!
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A splashy accent for borders and bouquets. Dainty, rosered flowers cover the sturdy 30-32" stems for two to three months, beginning in early to midsummer, attracting butterflies all the while. Space 18-24" apart. Ships in 3" pot. Sidalcea hybrida 'Brilliant'. Full Sun to Partial Shade. Zones 3-9.

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Gardening Details for Brilliant Miniature Hollyhock

Botanical Name: Sidalcea hybrida 'Brilliant'
Common Name: Miniature Hollyhock, False Mallow, Prairie Mallow
Form: Perennial
Sun Exposure: Partial Shade/Full Sun
Height/Habit: 30 - 32"
Spread: 18 - 24"
Spacing: 18 - 24"
Hardiness Zone: 3 - 9
Flowering Date: Early to mid summer.
Blooms With: Daylilies, Lythrum, Heliopsis, Echinacea, Russian Sage
Shipping Season: Spring
Unique Characterstics: Good height and color, long bloom time, old-fashioned quality.
Flower Color: Reddish Purple - deep rose red.
Flower Form: Terminal raceme - 5 petaled flowers 1" wide.
Foliage Type: Shallow lobed basal leaves - 3" across - leaves get smaller and more deeply lobed as they move up the stem.
Resistance: Japanese beetles may be a problem in some areas
Pruning: Pruning after the first flush of blooms and keeping the soil evenly moist will encourage more blooms.
Soil Requirement: Deep, fertile, loamy soil is best.
Additional Information: Plant in groups for best effect. Best growth in cool, moist climates. Cross of S. candida and S. malviflora.
Restricted States: AE AK GU HI PR
Out of Stock
Item No: 74523

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Customer Reviews for Brilliant Miniature Hollyhock

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Hollyhocks Review by Jewaline - Tuscola, TX
Posted on 2014-04-20

Plant was well packaged and moist on reciept. But they were not in good condition. They were broken and yellow. I planted them and am waiting to see if they survive.

Not red Review by Amy - New Haven, CT
Posted on 2011-08-21

"First, the description on this page has changed since I bought the plant- it was originally touted as red, with an image of red flowers. It is in no way red- the flowers are pink/purple as others have reported. That said, I have this in containers, and it has come back pretty well, even after last year's brutal winter. I think if the plants were in the ground they would have been happy as can be. Overall, the plants grew well, and I got lots of blooms. So if you aren't picky about color, this is a fine plant."

Happy returns Review by Tim - Kennett, MO
Posted on 2011-05-25

"This is a delicate plant that returned for its second year. It does well, but I wish the blooms lasted longer."

Not red by delicate flowers Review by Vicki - Westford, MA
Posted on 2010-07-05

"These bloomed first year, very delicate and tall. More than 18"" move like 30"". Not red by purple pink. Love the flower but which they were not so tall"

Pretty in Pink Review by Tom - Beavercreek, OH
Posted on 2010-06-19

"First year planting. So far so good. Ordered two and the color is lavender pink with a white eye. Not what I was expecting but fits my color scheme. Flower spikes are a bit weak, hope they will be stronger on a second year plant."

Posted on 2010-05-17


Love These! Review by Kim - Ortonville, MI
Posted on 2010-01-31

I planted these fours years ago. They were small at first and didnt do a whole lot the first year. They have gotten bigger and better every year since. I get tons of compliments every year and they are one of my favorites in the garden. I highly recommend them.

Nice! Review by Emily - Austin, TX
Posted on 2009-10-19

Mine grew very quick and bloomed almost purple flowers which I was very happy with! One of the plants I had started turning yellow/brown so I trimmed it down to the ground and it grew back just as big as before!!

Spindly and purple? Review by Judy Moreno - Hillsdale, MI
Posted on 2009-08-29

"Tall from the start but unsturdy. And purple flowers? But pink, purple, or red, these flowers are pretty and came up their first year healthy. I recommend them unless you want a particularly colored garden."

Needs Staking! Review by Mindy - St. Louis, MO
Posted on 2009-08-25

"My mini hollyhock grew very well into a nice plant and was very pretty by my front sidewalk. It was one of my favorite plants. That was until it was completely destroyed in a storm. I would have had no problem staking it, but the description & instructions says ""need no staking!"" Now there's a hole in my border for the rest of the season since every stem was ripped off at the base."

My New Fave Review by Carla - Mukilteo, WA
Posted on 2009-08-07

Although they are more pink that red - I love this little bloomer. It is totally loaded with blooms and has been for weeks. I sit in my garden in the evening with a glass of wine and a FAMILY of hummingbirds. I will plant it in more places next spring.

LOVELY!! Review by Toni - Boothbay, ME
Posted on 2009-07-28

"I love my mini Hollyhock. I'm fascinated by the structure of the plant and while it's not red, it's just lovely!! I look forward to next year's blooms and will likely buy more for my other garden locations."

Really not Red Review by Cecile Brown - Deering, NH
Posted on 2009-07-11

Well this is the first for these flowers and I thought they were going to be red. They are pink but pretty. I have plenty more to come.

Brilliant Pink Review by 1st time homeowners - Toledo, OH
Posted on 2009-07-10

"I planted these in April and we just recently started seeing blooms. We bought 3. I didn't think they were going to make it, but once the summer sun came along, they really took off! The blooms are definitely pink, but they are still beautiful. So far, the blooms are sparse, but I am confident this plant will come back bigger and better next year."

NOT RED Review by Linn - Warrenton, VA
Posted on 2009-07-10

"I wish I'd read the reviews that these aren't pink. WHY say they are? Very disappointed. Cute flower, but purple/pink. Won't buy again if they can't get the color right!!!"

Definitely not red Review by Lydia - Reidsville, NC
Posted on 2009-06-30

"These flowers thrived and bloomed the first year. However, the bloom is pink, not red."

super cute Review by emilie Kennedy - Suffolk, VA
Posted on 2009-06-21

I planted these and with in 3 weeks I've had blooms...which were red. I think its an adorable plant and I hope it survives the winter and comes back next year.

Not red Review by Jennah - Hollywood, MD
Posted on 2009-05-26

"This is a pretty enough plant, but it's definitely pink, not red. ugh. It does stay pretty small and did not need staking, though, so that's good. Keep in mind that these are also smaller flowers, so there's not quite as much bang as with a regular hollyhock. Still wish mine were red, that's the biggest annoyance. Not a big fan of pink flowers."

northern girl Review by Annie Warkentin - Warroad, MN
Posted on 2009-05-21

"My plants were not red either. This was a HUGE disappointment, as I wanted a red garden."

Really pretty Review by Kathy - Deford, MI
Posted on 2009-03-02

I loved this little Hollyhock. The blooms filled the stems with color the first year. I planted mine in the fall and the next summer it was a really pretty addition to my flower bed.

good choice Review by angela - Butler, PA
Posted on 2009-02-27

i bought this plant through a fundraiser last spring. it was a great performer the first year and i will buy more this season. long blooming time!

Disappointed Review by Barbara - Frederick, MD
Posted on 2009-02-17

"I've had this plant for two summers already and still have not seen any great show of blooms. I'm a bit disappointed and will give the plants this spring/summer. If they don't preform well again, then they are gone like a cricket in the corn"

Out of Stock
Item No: 74523

A splashy accent, the Brilliant Miniature Hollyhock has vibrant rose red flowers perfect for adding color to borders or cut flower bouquets. Dainty blooms cover the Sidalcea hybrid and the long 30 to 32 inch stems reach high above the garden to lure in butterflies. These perennial plants grow fast and show off best when planted in groups.

The Brilliant Miniature Hollyhock with its old-fashioned fuchsia blooms brings an eye-popping display to sunny spots from early to midsummer. Also known as the False Mallow, the Sidalcea hybrid offers features every gardener loves with a long bloom time, great height and vibrant color. A butterfly magnet, these perennial flowers are encouraged to rebloom when cut back after their first flowering. Even better, the charming Miniature Hollyhock does not require staking to reach its grand height.
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