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Burgundy Lace Japanese Painted Fern

Burgundy Lace Japanese Painted Fern

Light up a shady spot
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A spectacular fern with ever-changing hues of burgundy and silver. Fronds first emerge in spring as a dazzling rich purple with silver accents.The foliage lightens in summer to gleaming pink-tinted silvery grey with ruby red veins; the pink overtones are a bit stronger with more light. A modest 1' tall and wide, ideal for the front of a shady border or as a ground cover. It stands up to extreme weather well, too. Zones 5-8. Ships in 3" pot. Athyrium niponicum var. pictum 'Burgundy Lace' PP15072. Partial to Full Shade. Deer tend to avoid.

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Gardening Details for Burgundy Lace Japanese Painted Fern

Botanical Name: Athyrium niponicum var. pictum 'Burgundy Lace' PP15072
Common Name: Burgundy Lace Japanese Painted Fern
Form: Herbaceous perennial
Sun Exposure: Full Shade, Partial Shade
Height/Habit: 12 - 12 inches
Spread: 18 - 24"
Spacing: 18 - 24"
Hardiness Zone: 3-8
Winter Care: Mulch the first winter to prevent frost heave of young plants.
Shipping Season: Spring
Flower Color: n/a
Flower Form: n/a
Foliage Type: Lance-shaped pinnate fronds with striking burgundy, pink and silver tones.
Pruning: n/a
Soil Requirement: Well drained, moisture retentive, humus enriched soil.
Additional Information: More pronounced leaf coloring after the second winter dormancy.
Restricted States: AE AK GU HI PR
Item No: 75875
Packed 1 per offer
1 offer for $24.99

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Customer Reviews for Burgundy Lace Japanese Painted Fern

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Japanesse painted fern Review by Mark - Lowville, NY
Posted on 2012-05-20

I live in northern new york which has a relatively short growing season and gets very cold in the winters. This plant comes back year after year and makes a beautiful contrast to surrounding plants. Despite it being just a fern it is one of my favorite plants

Hardy & Beautiful Review by Lynne - Santa Clara, CA
Posted on 2009-04-16

"I was in the hospital for over 2 months and sadly no one took care of my plants. When I got home most of my plants were dead or almost dead. my little ferns were nothing more than sticks and one wasn't even there anymore. I was so sad because these are very beautiful when healthy, they really look like someone took the time to paint them. Well good news is that I didn't rip out the sticks but just left them where they were and a week ago I just happened to walk by my ""graveyard"" of plants and these ferns were BACK just as beautiful as before. They came back from nothing with no help from me and a little bit of rain. If you don't have a green thumb or need a few plants that are hardy I highly recommend these painted ferns they are beautiful and apparently come back from the dead"

Item No: 75875
Packed 1 per offer
1 offer for $24.99

Grow the striking Burgundy Lace Japanese Painted Fern for vibrant ground cover that looks as if its been hand-painted by skilled artists. These Athyrium niponicum var plants constantly change color during the summer, transforming from silver-gray perennial plants to rich, red wine-hued ferns. The burgundy lace fern grows up to a foot tall, with its lush spread reaching 24 inches.

The spectacular Burgundy Lace Japanese Painted Fern transforms shady borders and rock gardens, and certainly these unique and vibrant perennials will change your perceptions of ferns as well. Scientifically recognized as Athyrium niponicum var, Burgundy Lace Japanese Painted Ferns get their common name from their richly hued, large lance-shaped fronds. In summer, each burgundy lace fern develops gleaming silver-gray leaves, which deepen to ruby, and then, by the end of the season, the leaves are rich red-purple. These perennial plants are as strong as they are beautiful, flourishing across three hardiness zones and resistant to diseases, pests and extreme weather.
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