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Cascadia Petunia Collection

So easy to care for—and always in bloom!
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Forget all the Petunias you have known before. They simply can't compete with the Cascadia Petunia! Gardeners around the world agree, and now this is your chance to discover why the Cascadia Petunia was judged the "Best Petunia in Europe" at a trial in Aalsmeer, Holland.


Originally developed in Israel, the Cascadia Petunia is the most consistent bloomer among all Petunias. In fact, it has outperformed other Petunias at trial gardens around the world, and our own tests at Spring Hill's gardens prove that the Cascadia Petunia simply can't be beat when it comes to nonstop blooming. However, until recently, the Cascadia Petunia has rarely been seen or appreciated in the United States.


The Cascadia Petunia covers itself with flowers from spring until the first hard frost—a feature you'd have to appreciate in nearly any plant. But when the flowers are as richly colored and vibrant as the varieties we've chosen for our Cascadia Petunia Collection, an extra-long bloom season becomes an even more extraordinary garden treat.


Cascadia Petunias don't just bloom all season long—they keep on blooming as brightly and beautifully in the same blazing summer conditions that leave other plants withering and faded. This heat-loving annual not only tolerates direct sun and heat, but it actually continues to thrive even in drought-like conditions. That makes it a perfect plant to provide dependable, ongoing color in traditionally tough-to-grow spots like raised beds and containers.


Cascadia Petunias make wonderful container plants, spilling over the edges of planters or hanging pots in a delightful waterfall of petals. But containers are certainly not the only place for these glorious flowers. Because of their compact, bushy growing habit, they make excellent ground covers, spreading across the earth in a lovely, maintenance-free carpet of flowers. They're also a lovely choice for raised beds, filling in empty spots between perennials or adding a splash of color to borders when other plants are between flowering seasons.

Try massing the reds, purples, whites or pinks together to create a bold color statement, or mix all of the colors for a delightful display of complementary hues. No matter how you arrange them, your Cascadia Petunias are sure to bring you many months of rich, vibrant colors and softly ruffled blossoms that simply refuse to stop blooming all summer long.

Care Instructions

Collection includes 3 each of the following:

Purple Cascadia Petunia

This Petunia features funnel-shaped flowers with delicately ruffled petals of rich red-purple, veined with a deep purple—the color of majesty!

Pink Cascadia Petunia

The deep, romantic, carmine pink of our Pink Cascadia Petunia sets these softly flounced flowers apart, creating an instant focal point in any container or garden.

Red Cascadia Petunia

The ripple of magenta-red flowers of the Red Cascadia Petunia seems to be lit from within, glowing in rich tones.

White Cascadia Petunia

the shimmering pure White Cascadia Petunia sets off all the other colors perfectly.

Blue Doubloon Petunia

This double-flowering variety simply overflows with frilly petals which fade from a rich purple at the heart to a soft lavender hue at the tips. The Blue Doubloon Petunia blooms nonstop all summer and will make your friends and relatives do a double take! It is the perfect companion to your Cascadia Petunias.

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Customer Reviews for Cascadia Petunia Collection

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They self seed too! Review by Oak Island Girl - Oak Island, NC
Posted on 2014-04-08

I ordered these in 2008 and expected just a year of color. Planted them in containers and was thrilled with the results. I was astounded when as I was preparing to put new new plants in the same containers the next year that the petunias were actually coming back in the pots. I left them alone and they have come back in the same pots every year since, just as thick and beautiful as the first!! The containers even survived a move from North Central NC to the lower NC Coastline in 2013 and are already coming back this Spring again!! Probably the best flower investment I have ever made. Just don't pull the dead looking plants out at end of season and people in warmer climates should be pleasantly surprised by their (encore) performances.

Beautiful Review by Vicki - Youngstown, OH
Posted on 2014-02-18

These are pricey at the regular price, but I ordered them half price on a special offer. I was not disappointed. Arrived a little early for planting, but were healthy, so repotted separately until planting time. Super display all summer into late Oct in NE Ohio. Absolutely beautiful with no special care and I received lots of compliments.

Perfect Cascading Petunias Review by Linda Schroeder - Whitehall, WI
Posted on 2014-01-07

We purchased the white and pink cascading petunias. We planted them in our raised flower bed. They were beautiful and very hardy. Will order more for this year.

Beautiful Review by Bob
Posted on 2013-04-06

"If they cascade like the pictures show, then they will be spectacular."

Best petunias Review by Barbara
Posted on 2013-04-06

"These truly are the best! Little spendie but you will get more than one complement on these! I have compared them with local brands, no comparison! It's worth the money."

Superior Review by Cookie
Posted on 2013-03-15

I ordered these petunias for the 2012 season & I was not disappointed. We planted them in railing planters & they cascaded beautifully.They bloomed continuously receiving full sun part of the day. One plant did die off at the start but the rest were healthy for the season. Ocassional deadheading improved their appearance but daily deadheading was not necessary. I would highly recommend them.

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Item No: 72427
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