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Chocolate Vine

Chocolate Vine

Smells like chocolate and produces edible fruit!
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Drink in the fragrance in summer; harvest the dessert in fall! Very fragrant, lilac-purple flowers come in early summer and smell like chocolate. Use this Japanese native as a climber or a ground cover it looks great on trellises, arbors and fences. Very hardy, this unusual vine produces exotic leathery leaves and large fruit that ripen in mid to late fall. The edible pulp tastes like tapioca pudding! Zones 4-9. Ships in 4" pot. Akebia quinata. Full Sun to Partial Shade.

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Gardening Details for Chocolate Vine

Botanical Name: Akebia quinata
Common Name: Chocolate Vine, Five-Leaves Akebia
Form: Vine or ground cover
Sun Exposure: Full Sun, Partial Shade
Height/Habit: 4 - 6 feet
Spread: 4-6'
Spacing: 4-6'
Hardiness Zone: 4-9
Flowering Date: Late spring to early summer.
Winter Care: not needed
Type of Fruit: large 2-7" long pod
Shipping Season: Spring
Flower Color: purple
Flower Form: Small lilac-purple flowers with 3 petals, held in groups of 2 to 5 flowers. Separate male and female flowers on the same plant.
Foliage Type: Unusual looking leathery leaves, evergreen in mild climates
Resistance: Good
Pruning: Prune in Spring after flowering if needed After flowering in late Spring
Pruning Time: After flowering in late Spring
Soil Requirement: normal soil is fine, no special needs
Additional Information: Plant produces male and female flowers on the same vine.
Restricted States: AE AK GU HI PR
Out of Stock
Item No: 65892

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Excellent climbers, Chocolate Vine plants make delightful ground cover, or let these chocolate-scented perennial plants wind up fences for lovely, lavender-hued privacy screens. Also known as Akebia quinata, Chocolate Vines produce exotic leathery leaves that remain evergreen in mild climates. The pulp of these Five-Leaves Akebia is edible and said to taste like tapioca pudding.

The Chocolate Vine plant is a treat for the senses, from the visual beauty to the tantalizing chocolate scent to the edible pulp from this vibrant purple perennial. Chocolate Vine plants (Akebia quinata) bloom clover-like three-petal flowers in late spring to early summer, and develop attractive large seedpods, which ripen in mid to late fall. Also called Five-Leaves Akebia, this hardy vine is a rapid climber with a strong resistance to pests and diseases. Cultivate these perennial plants around trellises, arbors and fences and watch them create dazzling vertical displays.
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