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Deluxe Toad Lily Mix

Deluxe Toad Lily Mix

Fall color in the shade
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Tricyrtis gives you a double bonus: fall color in the shade! Distinctive burgundy spots (a hallmark of toad lilies) are splattered over exotic blooms in shades of purple, yellow and blue. They open all along stems up to 2' long, and they do it in early to late fall, when most everything in the garden is done. 18-28" tall. 18-24" wide. Likes moist, humus-rich soil. Zones 5-9. #1 field-grown plants. Tricyrtis. Full to partial shade.

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Gardening Details for Deluxe Toad Lily Mix

Botanical Name: Tricyrtis latifolia 'Blue Wonder' and 'Dark Beauty'
Common Name: Deluxe Toad Lily Mix
Form: Upright rhizomatous perennial
Sun Exposure: Partial Shade, Full Shade
Height/Habit: 18 - 24 inches
Spread: 12 - 15"
Spacing: 12 - 15"
Hardiness Zone: 5-9
Flowering Date: Late summer to fall.
Winter Care: Provide a deep, loose winter mulch in more northern areas.
Shipping Season: Spring
Flower Color: blue, purple, white
Flower Form: Open star shaped or bell shaped.
Foliage Type: Ladder-like leaves that alternate up slender stems. Medium to dark green with a glossy appearance.
Resistance: Slugs and snails could be a problem for young shoots.
Pruning: None necessary.
Soil Requirement: Prefers a rich organic soil.
Additional Information: In colder areas you may want to grow in a sheltered, warm, but not sunny area to encourage flowering before frosts.
Restricted States: AE AK GU HI PR
Out of Stock
Item No: 75794

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Customer Reviews for Deluxe Toad Lily Mix

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Toad Lilies Review by Angela - Falls Church, VA
Posted on 2016-04-20

Grows well in shade. They had hundreds of small blooms. I had ordered 9 plants and all of them were the same color, White with purple spots. I was disappointed that I did not get a variety of colors. Otherwise, they look nice blended in with other perenniels.

self Review by Libby Pierce - Rippon, WV
Posted on 2014-10-28

they came up and bloomed but very disappointed in the color. They are all the same (cream w/ blue spots). Nothing like the colorful ones shown in the catalog

Patience Review by Steve Whiting - Cleveland, OH
Posted on 2013-11-08

You'll want to exam these fall showoffs right up close.I'd recommend this for planting right next to your garden's seating area.We had similar results in Zone 6.Sparse tiny blooms,kind of lame 1st year.Transplanted to a morning sun flower bed and Wow! This fall over a dozen blooms!

Patience Review by Steve - Cleveland, OH
Posted on 2013-11-08

Similar results here in Zone 6;At first kind of lame: tiny and sparse late-season dazzling blooms.I'd suggest it for adding it to a planter in a shady spot right next to your seating area. The 1st year the plant struggled to offer 3 or 4 blooms. I replanted it amongst crocus,salvia and Black-eyed susans.This Fall as the other flowers gave out,dozens of speckled blooms appeared.

Interesting Review by Jennifer - Menifee, CA
Posted on 2011-03-19

Last year I planted this and even though it did produce a few blooms it was weak from the very beginning and the leaves often began to die back. I thought it would not return this spring...boy was I wrong! It has returned and is healthier than ever! I cannot wait to see how well it does this year.

Beautiful but small Review by Glenn Thibault - Orwell, NY
Posted on 2010-06-01

"I bought the toad lillies about 4 years ago. They are vigorous growers in mostly shade in zone 5. They do multiply gradually, are not invasive. The flowers are beautiful conversation pieces and very photogenic--but are small, not easily visible from any distance away."

Resillient despite some neglect Review by Liz - Vandalia, IL
Posted on 2010-05-31

"I bought these for my last house (same zone), and instead of nurturing them in a pot first (which I should have done), I just planted them in the ground. The first year, I didn't have any growth and I was disappointed. The next year, they popped up, and had the cutest little bizarre blooms on them! I had these in a full shade area, NO sun whatsoever, and they did great! I might get some more for my new house when I can find a proper area for good shade."

unique Review by lisa - Olathe, KS
Posted on 2010-05-11

"These are very unique little flowers, the actual plant is not that pretty to look at, but the little flowers make up for it!"

Avid growth rate Review by Robert - Rockwall, TX
Posted on 2010-03-17

"I planted my toad lilies in a pot as soon as I got them and they took off with growth, several of them shooting upwards from the roots. The first week of April I shall plant them in one of my gardens and look forward to seeing their lovely, exotic blooms."

Out of Stock
Item No: 75794

The blooms in our Deluxe Toad Lily Mix can't be ignored, and neighbors and passersby are sure to want a closer look at these weird and wonderful perennial flowers. These specially chosen Tricyrtis produce striking orchid-like yellow, purple and white blossoms from summer through fall. Plant these unusual Japanese Toad Lily plants alongside mums and asters for vibrant variety.

Showy and exotic, our Deluxe Toad Lily Mix adds a splash of otherworldly excitement to borders and gardens. Botanically known as Tricyrtis, these bizarre little beauties flower long and open funnel-shaped blooms that seem more at home on a distant planet. The petals of these Japanese Toad Lily plants are splashed with dark purple and reddish-purple spots, making these orchid-like perennial plants highly photogenic. Though vigorous growing perennial flowers, our Toad Lilies multiply gradually, producing their wildly attractive blossoms in late summer to early autumn.
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