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Hosta Ground Cover Bargain Bag

Beautiful Leaves in Different Shapes and Sizes!
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Add excitement to shady corners of your landscape with this excellent mix. Leaves range from heart to lance shaped to nearly round, displaying a wide assortment of colors and textures. Sends up mildly fragrant, white or purple blooms in midsummer. Height ranges from 15-36", spread from 20-60". #1 field-grown plants. Hosta

Item No: 75217
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Gardening Details for Hosta Ground Cover Bargain Bag

Botanical Name: Hosta Mix
Form: Herbaceous perennial
Sun Exposure: Shade/Partial Shade
Height/Habit: Varies - 15 to 36"depending on variety.
Spread: Varies - 20 - 24" to 30 - 60"
Spacing: 20 - 24", or 36 - 60" depending on variety.
Hardiness Zone: 3 - 9 (-40 degrees F)
Flowering Date: Midsummer.
Shipping Season: Spring
Unique Characterstics: Versatile and popular plant that creates interest and contrast with broad leaves in a variety of shades and colors. The different hosta varieties provide an assortment of textures and colors to spruce up a drab shady area. Mildly fragrant trumpet shaped blooms appear midsummer on tall scapes. They seem to flourish with little care.
Flower Color: Purple or White.
Flower Form: Tall scapes with trumpet shaped blooms on the top 1/3 of the stems.
Foliage Type: Narrowly lanceolate to heart-shaped to almost round, displaying a wide range of textures and colors.
Resistance: Need to control slugs.
Pruning: Remove spent flower stems to tidy up plants after blooming.
Soil Requirement: Well drained.
Restricted States: AE AK GU HI PR
Item No: 75217
Packed 8 per offer
1 offer for $39.99

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Customer Reviews for Hosta Ground Cover Bargain Bag

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LOVE!! Review by Sarah J OR
Posted on 2013-10-09

The hosta bag I planted a couple years ago is amazing! All of the hostas have grown so big!!

Awesome! Review by Newbie Gardner
Posted on 2013-05-25

Very pleased! I expected some not to grow and I was wrong! Great price and will order again once they are back in stock!

"Fast Growing, Healthy, Heat Tolerant Hostas" Review by Zone 10 Gardener
Posted on 2013-02-05

"I purchased this ""grab bag"" a couple of months ago. Within days of planting inground in bright shade & watering them well, all 4 varieties were leafing out. My favorite was placed in a container and grew so well and fast that I have since divided it and placed one outdoors, where it is growing larger by the day. Of those planted outside, the above and one other now exceed 2 feet in height. In Zone 10, hostas must be restricted to bright shade to avoid leaf-burn in summer (even full-sun tolerant varieties), and they definitely require more water than they would in cooler zones. Nevertheless, they can't be purchased anywhere locally, require less attention than most plants, and make unusual and often stunning additions to a shade/bright shade garden or as container plants, in or out of doors."

"Excellent, Fast Growing Selections" Review by Zone 10 Gardener
Posted on 2013-02-05

"I purchased this ""grab bag"" at the end of the fall season, not knowing what to expect. Within days of planting inground in bright shade, all were leafing out well. My favorites were placed in containers and are now huge and beautiful. The varieties in the ground are also growing quite well, some having already reached 2 feet in height. In Zone 10, hostas must be restricted to bright shade or their leaves will burn in the summer (in full sun), and they require more water than in cooler zones. Nevertheless, because they can't be purchased at nurseries here, they're well worth having and make unusual and often stunning additions to a shade garden."

Hosta longevity Review by Tina - Lima, Oh
Posted on 2012-03-22

"Bought host as 10 years ago, and am amazed how much they have multiplied and and continue to grow."

Great buy! Review by Jill - Houston, TX
Posted on 2011-05-17

"The grab bag is a great buy! I only got a couple of varieties, but they were healthy. They all came up just fine this spring. I think I am going to have to move a couple, there is more sun than I thought in one spot. But they are great for shade. Glad I bought these!"

Vigorous growth Review by Robin - Meridian, TX
Posted on 2011-05-05

"I ordered these and planted last fall in some hard soil beneath a very large fig tree. I had actually forgotten how many were in the mix but now have a wonderful collection of hostas in a formerly bare spot. These are growing so well, I might have to transplant some in the fall to give them more space to grow. Highly recommended."

Very Nice Review by Cory - Oklahoma City, OK
Posted on 2011-05-02

Very nice variety of Hosta's. They've been in the ground a month and are doing wonderful. One of them actually split in 2 so I got an extra plant out of it!

not a variety Review by Bev - Indianapolis, IN
Posted on 2010-07-05

"These are hardy - several came up in just one week after planting (after in the fridge for 2 weeks as I went out of town the day after they arrived). The others came up a week or 2 later. But they all appear to be the same variety - small and lance-like leaves. I don't have much history with hostas, so hope they surprise me as they grow..."

Shot out of the ground in 3 days Review by Michele - Frederick, MD
Posted on 2010-06-14

"These 8 plants all shot up within 3 days of planting them in terribly rocky, hard soil. It is 3 weeks later and they all are looking good! I wish they had more to ship now because I'd buy a few more sets for sure! Definitely am going to get more for fall planting."

Hosta Bargain Bag Review by Leigh - East Brunswick, NJ
Posted on 2010-06-01

"I am new to gardening and never ordered plants online. I took a gamble and ordered this item. I am so happy that I did. When I received the plants, They were just a sprout with roots. I wasn't optimistic, but I planted them. Within 2 DAYS I started to see growth. It's been a little over a week now and they are filling out quite nicely. I'm so pleased with them. :)"

Great Deal Review by Barb Nelson - Norwalk, IA
Posted on 2010-05-13

"A couple years ago I had bought the variety pack of hostas. I have really been amazed at the variety of the collection, I think I only had a couple that were close to the same, but even that was ok. Just very good looking plants, they have grown to be very nice & healthy hostas. I really enjoy them. Thank you."

Follow-Up Review Review by Kate - Chicago, IL
Posted on 2010-05-05

"Just following up from my last review. These Hosta are amazing! Every single one is growing like crazy. Big, beautiful, healthy, happy plants that are spectaular in the garden. I really could not be happier with them. Thanks so much for these wonderful additions at a superb price point!"

Can't wait to get them in the ground! Review by Kate - Chicago, IL
Posted on 2010-03-26

"I just received these today. All the plants look very healthy and they were very well packed. They also arrived quite promtly. (The weather is touchy in Illinois this time of year, so I'm grateful not to have it delayed in shipping over the weekend.) Assortment contained the following types of hostas: Gold Standard, Patriot, and Albo marginata. I think they'll be lovely!"

So Hardy Review by Jenny - Lake Stevens, Wa
Posted on 2009-09-27

"I barely planted these in horribly hard soil. I only watered a couple of times, and they still grew! I planted some other items near them, including some orange buttercup-weeds, all died except the Hostas!"

Great Hostas! Review by Jessica - Hillsborough, NC
Posted on 2009-07-07

"I planted this grab-bag of hostas last year. They came up the same year, but this year they're bigger and better! There were three varieties, and all three are lovely!"

Hardy hostas Review by Tara - Norfolk, VA
Posted on 2009-06-10

All started growing very quickly...are much bigger and nicer than ones I planted 3 weeks prior from elsewhere. Great mix and so far haven't shown any signs of bug damage after a month.

Item No: 75217
Packed 8 per offer
1 offer for $39.99

A Hosta Ground Cover Bargain Bag brings new excitement to shady corners, and these popular perennial flowers feature striking trumpet-shaped blooms and attractive foliage. Each hosta mix contains several varieties of colorful flowers that will stretch to an assortment of heights. These lovely perennial plants flourish across six hardiness zones, requiring little maintenance.

Choose the Hosta Ground Cover Bargain Bag for its delightful mix of colorful and multi-textured hosta plants. A hosta mix is the perfect choice for refreshing drab or shady yard and garden areas, and hostas can reach heights from 15 to 36 inches, with impressive 20- to 60-inch spreads. Popular perennial plants, hostas feature heart, lance or round-shaped leaves in rich shades of green. Hostas are also perennial flowers, blooming dazzling trumpet-shaped white or purple florets in midsummer.
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