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Picotee Daylily Collection

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The best qualities of the easy-care daylilies offered by Spring Hill are no accident. Their beauty and strength come from years of careful research by hybridizers.
Hybridizing involves tremendous effort, but all you have to do is appreciate the results: dazzling color and low-maintenance beauty.
Beauty for a Lifetime
Daylilies are one of the easiest to grow of all hardy flowers. Plant them once — that's all there is to it. They grow with little care... Reproduce annually... Are immune to pests and diseases... Yet they bloom with spectacular beauty week after week, year after year.
If all you've ever known are the common daylilies with orange petals and yellow throats, you're in for a real treat. Thanks to the skill of today's Hemerocallis hybridizers, the once ordinary daylily, like Cinderella, has become a thing of real beauty. And by planting a carefully selected group of modern hybrids, you can enjoy the beauty of today's improved daylilies from late spring through early fall.
These pictures give only a hint of the enchanting beauty of these exceptional daylilies.
Picotee Daylily Collection features nine exceptionally beautiful prize daylily varieties, including Strawberry Candy, winner of the most prestigious award a daylily can win, the Stout Medal. You can't obtain a collection with such outstanding daylilies anywhere else and Spring Hill has reserved a special quantity from this year's crop for our Preferred Customers.

Collection Includes:

Pumpkin Festival Daylily
Rebloomer! large flowered, fragrant, peachy orange daylily with striking wine purple eye and crust picotee edge. The broad, rounded, diamond dusted petals surround the gold throat and stamens.

Inwood Daylily
Not only are these blooms big, there are lots of them, for this is an unusually heavily budded rebloomer! The form and coloring are in the modern style often referred to as Fancy Face, with a pastel background color that contrasts boldly with a dark eye zone and ruffled picotee edging. In this case the colors are creamy yellow with rich plum eye zone and edging, which accentuates the tightly compressed pie crust ruffles. All on very uniform blooms with broad petals that reflex back to make a spreading shape that shows off the splendid coloring. In short, this recently introduced variety is a great improvement over others that are similar, and it will make a tremendous show in any garden situation! The huge, 6.5-inch blooms on 25-inch stems bloom early Midseason and rebloom as the season progresses.

Strawberry Candy Daylily
This gorgeous daylily is fast becoming a favorite with professional landscapers! Pretty, 4 1/2" blooms of strawberry pink have a rose-red eye-zone and golden-green throat. Provides a dramatic focal point. High bud count ensures plenty of blooms for the season. Grows 24-26" and spreads 15-18".

#1 field-grown plants. Deer tend to avoid.

Hemerocallis "Strawberry Candy'

Jazz King Daylily
This is a real beauty! The bloom form is flawless with bold, broad petals and subtle but bright coloring. Heavy bud count guarantees a plethora of blooms over a long period, beautifully displayed on strong, straight scapes with 3-4 branches and robust, arching foliage of healthy green. 4.5" blooms open midseason on 30" stems.

Blackthorne Daylily
Darkest Eye and Edging of the Fancy Faces! Ruffles, a dark eye and matching edging on the petals, and broad re-curving petals – this new Daylily has all the marks of modern breeding! Plus the deep, deep purple is the darkest we've seen on this color pattern! Its well-branched scapes have an impressive 20-25 buds each, which means an established clump will give you literally hundreds of blooms each year! And it is such a strong grower, it reliably gives a repeat bloom in late summer as far north as Michigan. We are very excited to be able to offer you this outstanding newcomer! 4.5-inch blooms in Early and Midseason on 26-inch stems.

El Desperado Daylily
Two tone blooms in golden mustard contrast with wine purple eye zones and wine purple picotee edges to exhibit eye-catching blooms. This is a later blooming variety so it would be a nice plant to place with earlier blooming daylilies to extend the bloom time. It is a tetraploid daylily with double the chromosomes in each cell therefore plants are typically bigger, stronger and more disease resistant.

Spiritual Corridor Daylily
6", fragrant, deep lavender pink daylily with a prominent creamy yellow eye, matching picotee edge, and chartreuse throat. Well-branched, heavily budded scapes ensure a spectacular floral display. Excellent flower form. K Parks: A really nice Fancy Face in the coveted blue tones - and the bubbly ruffling on the petal edges is delicious! The blend of orchid lavender and cream is so appealing, especially the pale watermark* above the throat! The blooms are so perfect their symmetry and uniformity that it's almost unbelievable. Can you tell this is a favorite? 6-inch blooms on 25-inch stems open in the Early and Mid part of the season. A watermark is a zone above the flower's throat which is lighter in color than the petal color.

Daring Deception Daylily
Reblooms Repeatedly!

REBLOOMER This Fancy Face delivers on all counts, with the added bonus of a whole series of ruffling reblooming that lets you enjoy these beauties for months! 5.5" blooms in midseason on 27" stems. Reblooms a number of times during the rest of the summer.

For each offer ordered, get 1 bulb.

Wedding Band Daylily
This outstanding variety gets raves from gardeners and show judges alike. Praised for the size, color and shape of its flowers, it blooms creamy white with a yellow throat. Gold edging accentuates the petals on this Stout Medal winner. Perfect for borders. #1 field-grown plants. Hemerocallis 'Wedding Band'.

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