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Red Magic Rose

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Our Magic Roses are carefree and easy to grow. Hybrid tea-size blooms coupled with a compact habit and consistent reblooming, these are the characteristics which make these Randilla Roses so special. Available in red or pink—and only from us! Like magic, these roses will add charm wherever you plant them—in a border, in containers, as edging or as a bright accent anywhere. They bear multiple clusters of large flowers that cover the bush midsummer through mid fall. 12-15" tall; 8-10" wide. Plant 16-24" apart in full sun to partial shade. Ships in 3" pots. Zones 4-10. Rosa 'Randilla'

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Gardening Details for Red Magic Rose

Botanical Name: Rosa Randilla Red
Form: Miniature
Sun Exposure: Partial Shade/Full Sun
Height/Habit: 12 - 15"
Spread: 8 - 10"
Spacing: 16 - 24"
Hardiness Zone: 4 - 10
Flowering Date: Mid summer through late fall
Shipping Season: Spring
Unique Characterstics: Very compact growth habit, flowers cover the bush. Strong clear colors. Excellent garden plant - good for mass coloring. Blooms early and usually 60 days after planting. Hybrid Tea size roses on compact plants. Ideal for a groundcover or border planting.
Flower Color: Red
Flower Form: Like a floribunda, forms multiple clusters with large flowers.
Foliage Type: Lush mid green
Resistance: Good
Soil Requirement: A well drained humus rich soil
Restricted States: AE AK GU HI PR
Item No: 74546
Packed 1 per offer
1 offer for $9.99

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Customer Reviews for Red Magic Rose

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The thoughers little rose Ive seen Review by gerardo - ft bragg, NC
Posted on 2014-03-25

These are by far the toughest little roses Ive ever dealt with. Im not a veteran gardener but Ive been able to grow these in a GA clay mix (I was experimenting), propagate from trimmings, and transplant from one location to another with success. They are also the perfect size for toddler play bouquets, my daughter loves picking them because their thorns are not sharp at all, she can pluck with confidence.

Beautiful!!!... Review by Velvetlace
Posted on 2013-05-30

These roses arrived packaged so beautifully...Large and Healthy Plants...Can't wait to see them bloom...

Perfect Review by georgia
Posted on 2013-05-16

"I bought 2 of them last year, 1 is red, 1 is yellow. they were so tiny, but now they look so wonderful. I'm just amazed because they are so short and don't have any big stems, but they can hold a pretty big flower blossoming and not just 1 flower, you hardly see the leaves, it's flowers all over"

Non--stop bloomers Review by Wonderful
Posted on 2013-05-04

I bought 10 of these a few years ago. Many of them were blooming when they arrived. They do indeed put on a non-stop show of amazing flowers all season long. I plan on buying more!

Love them Review by Stephanie - Chesterfield, VA
Posted on 2011-07-13

I have had these roses for about 5 years now. I love them. They are growing together like a hedge just like they are supposed to. They flower from early spring to late fall. I would buy them again.

Great Rose - ? Order Review by Victoria Paris - San Diego, CA
Posted on 2011-05-24

I love this rose. The roses that survived the first shipment are gorgeous today. The replacements are lovely. I then ordered 20 more red ones and they look fabulous - even though six roses bloomed pink!

bloombastic Review by Susan S. - Gadsden, AL
Posted on 2011-01-05

This is a wonderful MINIATURE rose.It has bloomed itself silly.

Thrilled With Them Review by Dottie - Huntignton, WV
Posted on 2010-11-22

"I bought 20 of the red/pink/yellow mixed roses in early April. Some had buds when they arrived which I removed thinking the plants needed to grow larger before starting to bloom. Each time, more buds appeared. Finally, I gave up and let them bloom. They have bloomed constantly all summer and to my amazement are still blooming in late November after several hard frosts and temperatures below freezing. I can't wait until spring so I can order more of these wonderful roses."

Profuse Bloomers Review by Cheryl - Wilton, IA
Posted on 2010-09-05

"I bought 10 of these wonderful plants in the spring of 2010. They arrived in perfect condition, in fact a couple of them had buds developing in the box! Since I have planted them, they have not stopped blooming. I am extremely happy with this rose and will buy 10 more next spring. Wonderful buy for those who love roses."

superb offer Review by Alana - Queens, NY
Posted on 2010-06-09

I recently bought these red roses..upon arrival I saw that they were so tiny. I planted them with garden soil and peat mixture..within weeks I saw new leaves and buds.Now I each plant has at least 3-4 roses each with new buds..I regret not getting more.(tip= make small incisions in the soil where the roots are enable the growth of new root)

Amazing Review by Daniela - Sicklerville, NJ
Posted on 2010-06-05

"Ordered 4 of these and planted them Mid-April. I can't believe they are already blooming! One has 4 flowers already! The bloom is so big compared to the size of the plant, the color is intense and just beautiful. Curious to see how big the plant will get."

Awesome Review by Pam - Spring Hill, Ks
Posted on 2010-05-30

"This is the second season of having the roses.I can't believe on how wonderful they are.The color is just beatuiful. The first season I had them, I had many blooms to my surprise. I would highly recomand these roses to everyone."

Beautiful! Review by Maria - Albuquerque, NM
Posted on 2010-05-10

"I bought these gorgeous miniature roses in yellow, pink, and red in the spring of 2009. They came in very small and was worried they won't survived, but I took care of them, planted them in the walkway of my front yard and after just a few weeks they sprouted more leaves and in May it bloomed. This year, it had grown up to like 10 times the size when it first came and the blooms, ah, just gorgeous. We're moving to a different house this summer and it really breaks my heart to leave them. I will just have to get some more from Spring Hill when I'm settled in the new house."

questionable satisfaction Review by Danny Anderson - Healdton, OK
Posted on 2009-05-25

"I am always very satisfied with Springhill products, however I purchased 3 of these rose plants --different colors--- and pot planted them in adequate sized pots-- the red and the pink are blooming,however they are not spreading any in size and the yellow is not doing well at all despite having the same soil and the same size pot. I am wondering if I need to transplant them into the ground."

half-n-half Review by Julie - Omaha, ne
Posted on 2009-05-15

I purchased 12 last year planted them the same in the same area 1/2 lived and are beautiful the other half died why ??? the company says they can only refund 2 new plants and the will not be sent until 2010 so Ihave a half dead garden and may have to move the ones that did live to balance my garden Iam nit impressed with the customer service and will probaly not buy anything more unless I'm in a gambeling mood

LOVE IT! Review by Jessica - Newport, RI
Posted on 2009-04-28

"LOVE LOVE LOVE this Magic Rose. stays beautiful for months - vibrant colors, stays compact. I had to buy more this year..."

Awesome Review by Maria - Harlingen, TX
Posted on 2009-04-26

"I recently purchase this miniature rose as well as the yellow and the pink miniature roses. They arrived small, but picked up pretty fast after planting them in the ground and using some fertilizer. They just started blooming and I received the shipment the first week of April. A very good purchase."

Simply Great Review by Greg - Corydon, IN
Posted on 2009-03-04

"Bought these rose's 3 years ago, and they are still blooming almost all year. Simply Great"

Item No: 74546
Packed 1 per offer
1 offer for $9.99

Group several Red Magic Rose plants together to create unforgettable outdoor displays, or feature these specially developed miniature perennial flowers alone in containers or as edging. Also called red profusion rose plant, this rose boasts strong, clear colors and a neat habit. These Rosa Randilla Red plants are a breeze to grow, making them ideal for novice gardeners.

Novice gardeners love our Red Magic Rose, an easy-to-grow, vibrantly colored variety that puts rose cultivation within everyone is grasp. Also known as a red profusion rose plant, this miniature rose bears multiple clusters of bold red flowers from midsummer through mid fall. Plant these Rosa Randilla Red in borders, patio containers, or use these timeless beauties to enhance edges or accent gardens. Considered early bloomers, these perennial flowers usually blossom rich red roses 60 days after planting.
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