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Royal Hellebore Mix

The Earliest-Blooming Perennial!
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What a wonderful way to begin the perennial blooming season. Also known as the Lenten rose, Hellebore adds a burst of color to the late-winter, early-spring landscape! This easy-to-grow mix features showy flower colors and evergreen foliage that looks good all season long. Terrific for shaded borders and woodland gardens. Long-lived plants grow 15-18" high with a similar spread. Ships in 3" pots. Zones 4-9 Helleborus orientalis

Each (1) collection (or mix) contains 3 plants, a $19.99 value.

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Gardening Details for Royal Hellebore Mix

Botanical Name: Helleborus orientalis
Common Name: Lenten Rose
Root System: fibrous
Sun Exposure: Shade/Partial Shade
Height/Habit: 15 - 18"
Spread: 15 - 18"
Spacing: 15 - 18"
Hardiness Zone: 4 - 9 (-20 ° F)
Flowering Date: Late winter through spring.
Duration: Up to 4 months.
Blooms With: Crocus, Daffodils, Lily of the Valley
Cut Flowers: No
Dried Flowers: No
Shipping Season: both Spring & Fall
Unique Characterstics: A mix of varieties. Unusual color range. Move over hosta, astilbe's, and bleeding hearts, this hybrid helleborus mix deserves a place in any shade garden. This plant typifies the characteristics that plant breeders and flower gardeners desire. Low maintenance, disease and pest free, very long lived plant, and up to four months of bloom, in a luscious array of colors, including white, pink, green, red, purple, near black, and yellow.
Flower Color: Purple, Red, near black, White, Green, Pink or Yellow.
Flower Form: Cup shaped, 5 petaled, borne in terminal clusters.
Foliage Type: Palm-like evergreen foliage.
Borders: Yes
Pruning: None necessary.
Soil Requirement: Well drained-moisture retentive for best results.
Restricted States: AE AK GU HI PR
Out of Stock
Item No: 55277

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Customer Reviews for Royal Hellebore Mix

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Hardy and blooming Review by Veronica - Ridgewood, NY
Posted on 2013-05-15

"This is to follow up on my review back in April 2012. This is the third year now. Finally, the plants are now covering with 2 dozens of beautiful flowers since late March. They are white and purple. I am very happy now :-)"

strong foilage Review by Veronica - Ridgewood, NY
Posted on 2012-04-14

"I bought 3 in May'11. Didn't look good. Now in April'12, strong foilage of 12"" came out in all of them. Still no flowers yet but are very healthy. Waiting patiently!"

Amazing Review by EJ Webb - Acme, PA
Posted on 2012-03-23

"I planted the 3 together, with an established plant. The first year they did not bloom but they were very lush.This spring each plant had at least 3-4 large cupped flowers."

Long lived Review by Rosemarie - Mount Vernon, NY
Posted on 2011-04-25

"I have had my Hellebores as a border planting for 3 or 4 seasons and am very pleased with them. They are the very first plants to set blossoms, and during more temperate winters, they have even had heavy blooms. They are by far the most successful of the shade-loving plants that I have ever planted. All of the maintenance that they need is cutting off the leaves that have turned brown over the winter; they are definitely showpieces. A very good investment."

Hardy Review by Dalia Abdelhady - Dallas, TX
Posted on 2010-01-26

I have a very rough spot: the spoil is not great and very little sun. This plant is doing great and keeps getting bigger every year. The blooms are pretty but short lived.

Lush blooms Review by Liz - Elkhart, IN
Posted on 2009-06-06

I placed groupings of these in two areas - on a hillside in shade and in part sun. They are beautiful. The first season was fair as they had not spread out much but this year they are large and covered in blooms which have been there for two months and show no sign of fading. Easy Easy and pretty

Out of Stock
Item No: 55277

Enjoy the Royal Hellebore Mix with cup-like blooms in a rainbow of colors from late winter to spring. Also known as the Lenten Rose, these perennial plants that are disease and pest free offer low maintenance and months of exquisite flowers. Perfect for shade gardens, Helleborus orientalis flowers grow to 15-18 inches.

With the Royal Hellebore Mix your garden will be the one to envy year after year. The Helleborus orientalis, or Lenten rose, is the one of the earliest blooming perennial plants with a luscious array of colors, including purple, pink, red, white, green and yellow. As perennial flowers with exquisite saucer-shaped blossoms and palm-like evergreen foliage, the Royal Hellebore Mix is a showstopping addition for every shade garden. These perennial plants are a welcome sign of spring, especially paired with Crocus, Daffodils and Lily of the Valley.
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