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Sugar Love Carpet Lily

Create a Carpet of Bright, Beautiful Blooms!
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These lilies produce 6-8 flowers per bulb and will increase with the years, their blooms so profuse that they will create a carpet of color on their short 10-12" stems! They will bloom for years, brightening the early to midsummer garden. Small enough for containers, and a great choice for the front of the border or naturalized at the edge of a woodland. Plants will spread to 12". Very easy to grow, but they require good drainage and will benefit from compost added to the soil. Zones 3-8. 12-14 cm bulbs. Lilium 'Sugar Love'. Full Sun to Partial Shade.

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Gardening Details for Sugar Love Carpet Lily

Botanical Name: Lilium 'Sugar Love' (asiatic)
Common Name: asiatic border Lily
Form: Bulbous perennial
Sun Exposure: Partial Shade/Full Sun
Height/Habit: 10 - 12"
Spread: 9 - 12"
Spacing: 9 - 12"(plant closer for quick fill in)
Hardiness Zone: 3 - 8
Flowering Date: Early to mid summer
Shipping Season: Spring
Unique Characterstics: By planting these lilies in the front border, you will create a huge carpet of beautiful flowers which will multiply over the years and provide even more blooms. Plant them in a well drained location and leave them undisturbed. They will return year after year. This carpet border lily is smaller than other carpet border lilies but just as bright and beautiful.
Flower Color: White with Pink tip
Flower Form: Up till 6-8 flowers per bulb.
Foliage Type: Alternate dark green leaves
Soil Requirement: Well drained, moist and humus rich acis soil.
Restricted States: AE AK GU HI PR
Item No: 82078
Packed 10 per offer
1 offer for $29.99

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Customer Reviews for Sugar Love Carpet Lily

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Our Sugar Love Carpet Lily plant is out of this world with its prolific display of six to eight star-shaped flowers per bulb. Pink and white Lilium Sugar Love flowers bloom in early to late summer and last for several weeks to add an inviting look to your front porch or garden. Adding a carpet-like display, these Asiatic border lily plants grow up to 12 inches tall for colorful borders.

Add Sugar Love Carpet Lily plants for bright pink and white star-shaped floral borders. This Lilium Sugar Love plant is also ideal for containers to add a cheerful look to your front porch. An Asiatic border lily, these delightful perennial plants should be planted in a well drained location and left alone to return year after year. Mix and match these prolific perennial flowers with other lilies, primroses and other flowers in our online nurseries to create a warm and welcoming front yard.
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