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The Pill for Plants

The Pill for Plants

An easier way to feed
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Fantastic scientific breakthrough has revolutionized plant feeding. Safe, high-potency, long lasting "time-release" 20-10-5 formula pills won't burn, yet provide plant food continually for up to TWO full years! Takes the guesswork out of fertilizer applications. The easiest way to provide year-round food for your trees, shrubs and plants. Two tablets per hole for new plants and every 18" apart for established plantings. 10 grams.

For each offer ordered, you will receive 20 pills.

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Customer Reviews for The Pill for Plants

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Secret for my garden Review by Mike - Clarksville, MD
Posted on 2016-06-26

My neighbors asked me why trees and flowers are in better shape, I told them about the pills I have been feeding to the new plants. Now I started using them on established plants, every two years. Really works!

E Z fertilizer Review by Tom Rinkach - Peoria, IL
Posted on 2015-11-06

These "pills" seemed to work great almost everywhere I used them. I used 2/plant and really did not have to fertilize the rest of this season.

Libby Review by Elizabeth Myrick - Halfway, MO
Posted on 2015-02-07

I have used these with my tomatoes and squash for several years. Amazing results. Can't tell that they have done much for the peppers but the tomatoes grow and bear all summer long and get taller than my head.

Item No: 21501
Packed 20 per offer
1 offer for $7.99

For potent plant food that's safe and long lasting, choose The Pill for Plants, scientifically developed at our plant nurseries. This innovative plant fertilizer delivers nourishment to all kinds of plants, from tall trees to flowering perennials. Drop two plant pills in each hole and then forget about fertilizing again because these tablets provide food non-stop for two years.

Other conventional plant food products pale in comparison to The Pill for Plants, a revolutionary breakthrough in plant nutrition found exclusively at Spring Hill Nurseries. A step above plant fertilizer, this remarkable pill uses a 20-10-5 formula that's time release yet long lasting, providing plant food continuously for up to two full years. Ingenious "smart" plant pills, these tablets remove the guesswork out of fertilizer application, and they are the easiest way to ensure year-round food for your carefully chosen trees, shrubs and plants. Not available at other plant nurseries, our unique plant pills are potent but entirely safe.
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