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Pink Splash Variegated Weigela

Pink Splash Variegated Weigela

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Gracefully arching shrub boasts densely clustered, 1" funnel-shaped pink blooms which are especially attractive to hummingbirds. Flowers from late spring into fall. The foliage is as distinctive as the pink flowers; its oval leaves are variegated—green, edged with creamy white. Especially well-suited for city conditions; its compact size (4-6' tall with a 5' spread) fits most urban landscapes. Space plants 5' apart. Ships in 2" pots. Zones 3-8. Weigela florida 'Variegata'

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Gardening Details for Pink Splash Variegated Weigela

Botanical Name: Weigela florida 'Variegata'
Common Name: Pink Splash Variegated Weigela
Form: Perennial
Sun Exposure: Full Sun, Partial Shade
Height/Habit: 4 - 6 feet
Spread: 5'
Spacing: 5'
Hardiness Zone: 3-8
Flowering Date: Late spring into fall.
Winter Care: Mulch in northern climates after the ground freezes to prevent heaving of plants caused by alternate freezing and thawing temperatures.
Shipping Season: Fall
Flower Color: pink
Flower Form: 1" Foxglovelike flower, funnel-shaped in lower half, bell-shaped above with 5 spreading petals.
Foliage Type: New growth is soft medium green, broadly edged with creamy white. Leaves are oval, toothed. Mature color is dark green in the center with lime green margins.
Resistance: Remarkably free of pests and diseases.
Pruning: Prune to shape or to remove dead and broken branches. After flowering.
Pruning Time: After flowering.
Soil Requirement: Well-drained, average soil. Not too dry.
Additional Information: Weigela named after German professor Christian Ehrenfried Weigel, who died in 1831.
Restricted States: AE AK GU HI PR
Out of Stock
Item No: 80496

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Customer Reviews for Pink Splash Variegated Weigela

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Pretty but very little blooms Review by Jackie Lubinski - Asbury, NJ
Posted on 2016-09-29

I bought 3 of these for the front of my house. It stated it blooms spring to fall. I got 3 small sticks and it took almost 3 years to grow big enough for blooms. Mine only blooms once in the spring. I have had to trim it back as they are rather large bushes now, but still very few blooms.

Satisfied with customer service Review by sree - OH, macedonia
Posted on 2015-05-04

I have ordered 7 plants and received them yesterday but not satisfied with size of the plant. I am expecting bigger plants but received very small ones but customer service was great got my refund immediatly

Weigelia Review by Denise - NH, Derry
Posted on 2014-07-20

Cardinals and chickadees nested and used it for cover. So pretty. June blossoms. Needs to be shaped in fall or it grows into a huge out of control shrub.

My Pride and Joy Review by Kelly - CT, Killingworth
Posted on 2014-04-13

I bought this Weigela in 1996, every year she blooms her heart out. We moved in the fall of 2010 and I couldn't leave her behind, still blooming I dug her up and put her into her new home and she never skipped a beat. Still going strong after 17 years.

Blooms its heart out, nice scent Review by Alena - PA, Collegeville
Posted on 2014-03-14

Nobody mentioned this, but this gorgeous plant also smells amazing when in bloom. It is a mild scent something between freesia and jasmine. I love it! Mine is covering an ugly electric meter and I'm sure the guy who does readings loves my house :)It is everything and more, and I'm buying two more this year.

Beautiful! Review by Darlene Lewis - TN, Loudon
Posted on 2014-01-16

I bought one of these (out of curiosity mostly) to fill a corner, thinking if it looks half as good as the picture I would be happy. It was the 'little twig that could! I had to cut it down last year because it outgrew my 'corner'. DO NOT hesitate to buy this little beauty. Mine is in a partly shady area in the front of the house. It has quadrupled in size in just over two 2 years.

showy in spring Review by mostlysunny
Posted on 2013-05-22

I purchased six plants in 2008 and they are all doing great, they look like the picture!! The only thing I would change, and this is my own fault, is that the spot I needed them for is in front of a beige-colored fence and the foliage does tend to get lost against the light color. They have been fairly draught-tolerant and have only needed some trimming-out of dead wood in the spring. They also respond well to heavier trimming, but I think they look prettier when allowed to do their own thing!

Great Shrub! Review by Sheepydoodle
Posted on 2013-05-16

This is a beautiful shrub, I get compliments on it all of the time. It has butterflies, hummingbirds and bees that come to visit. It has a naturally pretty shape and blooms for a good long while (longer than the azalea that sits near it.)

Pretty...not so sure about heat tolerant Review by Mary - AL, Mobile
Posted on 2012-02-03

I bought this almost two years ago. I had a few small blooms the first summer. Last summer was very hot and the poor plant got scorched, almost no blooms. We're having an extremely mild winter right now, and the thing has been blooming since mid-January. The blooms are beautiful but there's hardly any leaves.

Beautiful shrubs Review by Cathy - IN, Fort Wayne
Posted on 2011-10-31

I purchased two plants two-and-a-half years ago. They are on each side of a Burning Bush, which is quite spectacular. I wish I had room for more. When they bloom (usually in late spring) they are a very pretty, low maintanance shrub. I only wish they bloomed a little longer.

Wonderful Review by Wes - TN, Sparta
Posted on 2011-07-06

This shrub has turned out to be everything advertized. I have had many compliments on the shrub and it's flowers. I am well pleased with this plant.

Gorgeous! Review by Amy D. - MA, Berkley
Posted on 2011-06-22

I bought this bush from Spring Hill a couple of years ago and people always ask me what it is! We also have a bunch of hummingbirds that come visit the garden now that we have this bush! I highly recommend it!

BEAUTIFUL!!! Review by Linda - MI, Benzonia
Posted on 2011-06-21

I have six of these bushes. LOVE them!!! They do best with mostly sunny conditions. I fertilize every spring and then pretty much ignore them. When they bloom the flowers are beautiful and attract hummingbirds. When they are not blooming, the variegated foliage is lovely and adds interest to my garden. Highly recommend!

it's fabulous Review by shelia - MO, Black Jack
Posted on 2011-05-31

I planted two of these the 1 year after I moved into my newly built home in 2000, now they are a big as the picture and it is beautiful, my husband cuts it back every 2 years and the blooms in the spring are breat taking. we planted two more on the other side of the house 2 years ago they are now 3ft tall and growing with very little care. the first 6 years we did nothing and now every other year we keep it cut back because it is outgrowing the window. I love them. pink and white in the spring is something to see.

Very pretty Review by Tiffany - CT, Durham
Posted on 2011-05-31

Very pretty flower. Have been very happy with its appearance in the yard. Everyone is always asking about it!

Great Shrub Review by happy gardener - NY, Long Island
Posted on 2011-05-29

Great shrub. It has become my neighborhood's talk of the town. Blooms beautifully and gets bigger every year.

what a smurprise Review by kym - va, Fredericksburg
Posted on 2011-04-30

I bought this last year and when it arrived, I was wondering how this twig was going to become the pictures that I have seen. Well this year it really surprised me as it is currently blooming in my yard and it is absolutely beautiful! I would definitely order this if you have a spot that you want to fill with beauty.

Beautiful! Review by Linda - GA, Jonesboro
Posted on 2011-04-19

I bought 3 of these last year and they grew a little and did not flower. However, this year they are already in bloom and just gorgeous lining my driveway. I did cut them down to the ground in the winter and realized I shouldn't have, but nevertheless they look great and should be larger next year since I know not to cut them down.

Beautiful Review by Melinda - SC, Bluffton
Posted on 2011-04-10

I bought 5 of these bushes and they are just breath taking. Every year they get even more and more beautiful.

Just Beautiful!!! Review by Melinda - SC, Bluffton
Posted on 2011-04-10

I have had my Variegated Weigela for 2 years now and they seem to get even more and more Beautiful every year. They are so Beautiful I have neighbors stop to ask what they are. I just love them.

Attention-getting! Review by Mary Cocetti - NE, Kearney
Posted on 2009-09-16

My weigela is three years old, and it just gets prettier and prettier. I wish I had room for another, as growing this has been a most-gratifying plant.

Only blooms in the spring Review by heather - OH, Cincinnati
Posted on 2009-09-15

I think this plant is very nice when it blooms...but it doesn't bloom all summer like it implies. I had no blooms the first year, and the second year I finally got my blooms, which were very pretty. They bloomed in the spring and only lasted 2 or 3 weeks. It was pretty while it lasted, but I wouldn't have wanted it if I had known that because I wanted something that would have color. It is just a green..variagated plant for almost the entire year.

beautiful Review by josephine - VA, Lynchburg
Posted on 2009-09-08


One year Review by Sally - IL, Chicago
Posted on 2009-08-26

Bloomed and tripled in size!

fast growing Review by tonya - nc, Kernersville
Posted on 2009-08-18

This shrub is beautiful and I have only had it a year. It is probably grown to 4 foot within a year

Variegated Weigela Review by Marty - GA, Buford
Posted on 2009-07-30

This is the most beautiful shrub I have ever owned. It is just beautiful all summer with varigated leaves & then beautiful big pink blooms. It is over 5' tall. I have 3 together & they are quite showey. Everyone inquires about them. I am now giving them for gifts.

Out of Stock
Item No: 80496

With striking foliage, the Variegated Weigela plant is a favorite landscaping shrub. The Weigela Florida grows 4 to 6 feet tall and boasts graceful arching stems drenched with pink funnel-shaped flowers to attract hummingbirds all summer long. These perennial plants enjoy full sun to partial shade and thrive in zones 4 through 9.

The Variegated Weigela plant, Weigela Florida, is the perfect flowering shrub for hummingbird lovers with its striking cream and green variegated foliage and bell-shaped pink blooms. Similar to the red Cardinal shrub, the arching stems of this late spring to early summer bloomer is a favorite for backgrounds and mixed shrub borders. As densely clustered perennial flowers, the Variegated Weigela Plant is irresistible to hummingbirds and humans alike.
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