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William Guiness Columbine

Eye-Catching Color!
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Intense, dark purple-black flowers are highlighted with white, creating a spectacular effect in the garden from mid to late spring. Butterflies and hummingbirds love it, and so will you! Hardy plants grow 20-24" tall. Plant 18-24" apart. Shipped in 3" pots. Aquilegia vulgaris 'William Guiness'
Deer tend to avoid.

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Gardening Details for William Guiness Columbine

Botanical Name: Aquilegia vulgaris 'William Guiness'
Common Name: Columbine
Form: Herbaceous Perennial
Sun Exposure: Partial Shade/Full Sun
Height/Habit: 20 - 24"
Spread: 18 - 24"
Spacing: 18 - 24"
Hardiness Zone: 4 - 8
Flowering Date: Mid to late spring with some repeat flowering in summer
Blooms With: other summer flowering perennials
Type of Fruit: n/a
Shipping Season: both Spring & Fall
Unique Characterstics: A striking and unique plant whose intense dark purple-black flowers highlighted with white are spectacular and provide a totally different color accent in the garden. Fernlike foliage in medium green forms bushy plants that grow 20-24" tall. Quite a conversation piece, introduced from England where it has been rapidly growing in popularity. It is also enjoyed for its ease of culture and delicate appearance on a tough resiliant plant.
Flower Color: Dark Purple-black with contrasting White corollas.
Flower Form: Nodding, 5 petals with a short broad tube in front and long backward spurs, sepals often same color as flowers
Foliage Type: Blue-green distinctly lobed and very attractive.
Resistance: Watch for leaf miners which all columbines suffer from.
Pruning: Remove spent flower stems.
Pruning Time: after flowering
Soil Requirement: Well-drained garden soil.
Additional Information: Best planted in groups. Resists transplanting, best to plant new every few years.
Restricted States: AE AK GU HI PR
Out of Stock
Item No: 72369

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With William Guiness Columbine, enjoy weeks of purple-black blooms with contrasting white corollas for a unique and spectacular show. Aquilegia vulgaris William Guiness attracts butterflies and hummingbirds and offers some deer resistance. Known as Magpie, this herbaceous perennial is incredible easy to grow and thrives in partial shade to full sun.

Introduced from England, William Guiness Columbine is rapidly growing in popularity because of its resilience, low maintenance and delicate appearance. Aquilegia vulgaris William Guiness features intense, dark purple-black flowers highlighted with white, creating unusual color and contrast in the garden from mid to late spring. Plant this Magpie variety in groups in well-drained garden soil and grow a dramatic conversation piece that comes back year after year. Few perennial flowers offer the intense beauty of this one-of-a-kind columbine.
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