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Care Instructions for Toad Lilies

Botanical Name: Tricyrtis

Toad Lily is an attractive, flowering perennial native to Himalayas and easternAsia. It produces beautiful orchid-like flowers in late summer to early fall, when most other flowers have faded. The plant grows to a height of 18” to 24” and spreads 12” to 18” in width. Although, it’s not 

Toad Lilies

a true lily but the growth habit and shape of the flower is almost similar to Lilies.

They’re easy to grow and tolerate the toughest winter climates. They grow best in light shade and look outstanding near the walkways, patios and in woodland gardens along with hostas, hellebores or woodland lilies.

Select a location with full sun to light shade and loosen the soil up to 8-10 in. deep with a garden fork or spade. Make sure the soil is rich, organically fertile, moist and slightly acidic to neutral. If the soil is heavy clay, you can add sand. And if the soil is nutrient deficient, mix it with 4-5 inches of organic matter or compost.

Remove the weeds from the planting bed and dig holes about 3-4 in deep and twice as wide as the size of the bulb. If planting more than one bulb, plant them about 1 1/2 - 2 ft. apart.

Water the planting bed thoroughly. Continue watering twice a week to keep the soil uniformly moist.

Apply a layer of mulch in early fall to protect the plants from harsh winter and remove this layer in early spring.





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