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Trailing Pansy Planting Guide

Here’s how to get the most enjoyment from the Trailing Pansies.

  1. Location—Full sun to partial shade.
  2. Planting Distance—8-10" apart.
  3. Soil—Will do well in well-drained, humus enriched garden soils.
  4. Bloom Time—Starts in spring and lasts for weeks.
  5. Height—Trails as much as 18-24".
  6. To Plant—Dig a hole twice the size of the pot the pansy came in. Carefully remove plants from the pots. Score a vertical mark on all four sides of the root ball to encourage roots to grow out into the surrounding soil. Hold the root ball in the hole with the top of the root ball level with the surrounding soil surface and carefully fill in soil around the root ball. Firm soil around the plant with your fingers to remove any air pockets.
  7. Water thoroughly after planting.
  8. Hardiness Zone: 6 (with protection) – 10

Trailing Pansies are an excellent choice for hanging baskets, window boxes, patio containers and retaining walls. These pansies are extremely vigorous and fill a container in no time.


  1. Fill the container with the potting soil loosely to approximately 3" below the rim.
  2. Gently remove plants from growing/shipping containers.
  3. Place plants 3-4" apart in the filled container.
  4. Fill the container with the remaining soil.
  5. Water container thoroughly so all air pockets are displaced. This should be done outside on the patio or lawn because some soil particles will also flow through the drainage holes. As your container plants grow and fill in, they will require watering more frequently. The best way to determine if your container needs water is to check the soil by sticking your finger into it. If it feels dry, water your container.


Although Trailing Pansies do well in average, well-drained soil, for optimum results you can improve your soil as follows:

  1. Spade or rototill the soil to loosen the soil for easy planting.
  2. Mix in a generous 2-4" layer of dehydrated manure, garden compost or peat moss and Spring Hill’s Advanced Formula Plant Food. Mix these in thoroughly. (If the soil is already rich in garden loam and well drained, the addition of Spring Hill’s Advanced Formula Plant Food will provide the ideal conditions recommended by Spring Hill’s plant professionals for superior growth and blooming.)


Your Trailing Pansies are vigorous and have a very long blooming time. They will benefit from a monthly application of a water soluble fertilizer. This will enable them to reach their full size and flower for months. Removing spent flowers on a regular basis will encourage the pansies to produce new flowers, for months of color.

Pick a few flowers to share with a friend or to brighten the indoors with a bouquet!

Pansies thrive in cooler weather and add a burst of color to the spring and fall gardens.

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