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Ground Cover

Ground cover plants prefer deeply worked, properly fertilized soil which is free from weeds.

Dig individual planting holes and plant each ground cover plant as outlined above for other potted plants. To create the most natural effect, stagger your planting so the individual plants aren't lined up like ranks of soldiers. If your planting will be on a slope, follow the contours with staggered spacing, leaving a depression around each plant to catch water.

Spread a 1-2" layer of mulch over the area surrounding the plants, being careful not to bury them. This will help retain moisture in the soil and retard weed growth. Maintain the mulch covering until your ground cover plants have spread to cover the entire planting site.

Bareroot Ground Cover

Some bareroot plants may need to be separated before planting. When dividing clumps of plants make sure each lead has sufficient roots on each divided bareroot plant to insure successful growing.

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