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Birding Hardware and Accessories

Supplies to make your bird sanctuary its best.

Birding Hardware and Accessories

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  • Double-Duty Feeder Brushes - (2 brushes) Double-Duty Feeder Brushes -
    (2 brushes)
  • House Hanger Bracket House Hanger Bracket

    House Hanger Bracket

    1 for $9.95 $8.99
  • Nectar Protector Nectar Protector

    Nectar Protector

    1 for $4.99
  • Birdhouse Protector Birdhouse Protector

    Birdhouse Protector

    1 for $12.99
  • Heavy-Duty Pole Heavy-Duty Pole

    Heavy-Duty Pole

    1 for $24.99 $14.99
  • Butterfly Hanger Butterfly Hanger

    Butterfly Hanger

    1 for $39.99 $29.99
  • Container Hanger Container Hanger

    Container Hanger

    1 for $9.95
  • Easy Feeder Lifter Easy Feeder Lifter

    Easy Feeder Lifter

    1 for $12.99
  • Bluebird Diner & Heavy-Duty Pole Bluebird Diner & Heavy-Duty Pole
Your garden is your refuge — your place to relax and get away from it all. With the right hardware and accessories, it can also be a sanctuary for birds. Spring Hill has just the products you need — including some you didn't know you needed — to draw birds and offer them a place to feed, bathe, nest and feel safe for a while. Shop our range of birding hardware and accessories for your garden refuge. We promise that your reward will be visits and songs from many varieties of birds choosing to share your garden with you. Best of all, when you shop our online offerings, we'll deliver the products to your door so you have more time to relax in your garden.
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