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Winter Birding

Winter Birding

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  • Ice Eliminator™ Birdbath Heater Ice Eliminator™ Birdbath Heater
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    Peanut Suet Cakes

    Peanut Suet Cakes

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Even more than in warm months, birds need food, water and shelter in winter. All are easy enough to provide and, when you offer them, birds will flock to your back yard, allowing you to enjoy their presence even in the coldest weather. One of the biggest needs for birds in the winter is access to fresh, unfrozen water. Heated birdbaths are a great way to provide birds with fresh water during the winter months. Also, during the winter, birds require more calories. So consider offering them nutrient dense bird food and mixes. Spring Hill carries a wide selection of supplies that your backyard birds will enjoy during the winter months.
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