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Clematis for Containers

Because these blooms deserve a feature

Clematis for Containers

Visitors will complement your creativity, but these varieties are actually specially hybridized for container use—bred for their habits and the spread of blooms. These varieties remain compact and bushy, with plentiful flowers blooming closely together.

That way, they'll produce a 'finished' container display without any bare spots. You can put an obelisk in the pot to give it something to climb on and show off it's gorgeous blooms. You could also set it up in a window box, where it'll fill out and cascade over the edges charmingly. These modern container varieties have plenty to choose from in the way of flower forms and colors. From the subtle and elegant to the complex conversation-starters; you're sure to find just the right blooms to fit your style.

Not all Clematis are pruned the same way—see our Easy Stoplight Pruning Guide.
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