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Bright, tall and drought-resistant.


Serving as a bold, yet easy-to-grow perennial, you can't go wrong with Spring Hill's delightful selection of coneflower plants. Blooming in midsummer to early fall, this low-maintenance, time-honored perennial is a classic addition to a variety of garden styles.

More on Growing Coneflowers in Your Garden

Whether you're using our coneflowers in a perennial garden, prairie garden, or even a cut flower arrangement, this North American native will provide a touch of vibrancy and tradition. Coneflower plants thrive in full sun to partial shade, and exhibit pest and drought resistance once they've begun to grow. This timeless perennial will also serve as an attraction for a variety of pollinators. Even songbirds will feast on the abundant seedheads of a conewflower perennial in the fall and winter.

What are the benefits of growing coneflower plants?

  • Attracting Local Pollinators like bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds
  • Great cuts for flower arrangements
  • How to Care for Echinacea Plants

    Where to plant coneflower plants

  • Spots that experience morning sun and afternoon shade, or full sun.
  • When to plant coneflowers

  • Very early fall for establishing roots before winter.
  • Spring when dangers of frost are no longer around.
  • Winter care for coneflowers

  • Hardy to winter once roots are established.
  • No need to water over winter due to being a drought-tolerant plants
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