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Crazy daisies, white and yellow classics, and more!


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  • Rudbeckia fulgida var. Sullivantii 'Goldsturm' Goldsturm Rudbeckia
  • Leucanthemum x superbum 'Cream Puff' PPAF
    Cream Puff Leucanthemum
  • Rudbeckia 'Cherry Brandy', 'Denver Daisy', 'Goldsturm'
    More Than Daisies Collection
  • Rudbeckia hirta 'Prairie Sun' Prairie Sun Rudbeckia
  • Leucanthemum superbum 'Banana Cream' Pat. #23,181 Banana Cream Shasta Daisy
  • Leucanthemum x superbum 'Coconut' PPAF Coconut Leucanthemum

    Coconut Leucanthemum

    1 for $14.99
  • Modern Prairie Garden Modern Prairie Garden

    Modern Prairie Garden

    12 for $39.99
It's easy to cultivate thriving daisy plants for a summer full of big and bright pink, yellow, white, blue, red or orange blooms. Beloved around the globe, daisy flowers offer cheerful sun shapes that seem to radiate joy and warmth. Try our Shasta daisy plants – recent hybrids that produce towering, two to three foot tall stalks with multiple blooms.
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