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Early Large Flowering Clematis

Climbing perennial with huge flowerheads in a variety of colors

Early Large Flowering Clematis

These are classic, large flowered, climbing Clematis that bloom in the spring. Perennials, they are bred from patens and other Asian species of Clematis and distinguished by large, upright buds and showstopping flowers.

Indeed, the flowers are among the largest you will see in the genus Clematis. They bloom on old wood, on 1-year-old vines from the previous year and sometimes on new growth from old wood. Flowers range from 5-10" in diameter and even larger, and they bloom in a wide variety of colors, including whites, pinks, reds, blues, purples and bicolors—many with interesting midrib coloration. Some have double forms with extra sepals that provide a ruffled and full appearance. The plants can rebloom if deadheaded or lightly trimmed early in the season. Later flowers tend to be slightly smaller.

Not all Clematis are pruned the same way—see our EZ Pruning Guide.
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