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Fall-Planted Bulbs

Grow the iconic flowers of spring

Fall-Planted Bulbs
Daffodils, tulips, hyacinths, crocus, alliums... the most iconic blooms of spring come from fall-planted bulbs. It's how you welcome spring in the garden. And if you grow lilies and the like, it's how you keep the party going through summer. Bulbs are easy to grow. Give them sunshine and well-drained soil, and they'll create gorgeous, vibrant perennial borders. Many make good potted plants, and if you position them in layers, they'll grow in succession for a continuous container accent. Put them in your cutting garden for impressive fresh bouquets. These need to be planted in fall so they can go through a winter chill period that will cause the chemical reactions for blooming, but they're so easy to plant, and simply waking up to a perfect spring garden is a fantastic feeling.
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