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  • The Pill for Plants The Pill for Plants

    The Pill for Plants

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  • Advanced Formula Plant Food Advanced Formula Plant Food
  • Spring Hill's Food for Daylilies Spring Hill's Food for Daylilies
  • Make It Blue Soil Acidifier Make It Blue Soil Acidifier
Producing gorgeous foliage and colorful flowers takes lots of energy. Make sure your plants have the nutrients they need to perform their best. Spring Hill carries specially formulated fertilizers, or plant foods, for roses, daylilies, perennials and other plants. Often plants need fertilizer at the time of planting and sometimes throughout the growing season. A soil test performed by your county's extension office can tell you how much nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium your garden requires, which will help you choose the right fertilizers. When placing your plant order with Spring Hill, consider ordering your fertilizers or plant food at the same time.
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