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Our Gardenia plants are some of the loveliest and toughest in the world! You'll find some of recent times' most hardy and easy care gardenia bush varieties in our lineup, along with a delightful variety in terms of flower size and fragrances.

Do gardenia bushes grow fast?

The growth rate of gardenia bushes varies quite a bit by variety. Most gardenias are moderate growers, reaching mature height after about three years. However, some gardenias grow more slowly, and take an additional year or two to reach full size. Gardenia shrubs continue to fill out after reaching full height, becoming more floriferous each year.

Do gardenias come back every year?

Although hardiness varies by variety, most gardenias are not reliably hardy north of zone 7. That means that, if you're gardening in Zones 7 through 11, your gardenias will reliably return year after year. In colder zones, gardenias may experience damage over winter. To ensure that your gardenias come back again and again, choose a variety that is hardy to your gardening zone, or plan to make your gardenias a container display. Many varieties can be grown in planters and brought indoors for winter.

Do gardenia bushes spread?

Gardenias won't overtake your garden through propagation-they don't create new pop-up gardenias. However, most gardenias are known for their horizontal habit and branches that grow both outward and upward. Make sure to give your gardenias space to grow, both vertically and horizontally. Keep in mind that gardenias have shallow, wide roots and don't appreciate underground competition. So, don't plant anything directly underneath or adjacent to your plants.

How big do gardenia bushes get?

Gardenias' growth depends upon variety. Some, like our Frostproof Gardenia, keep to a tidy, rounded shape-frostproof Gardenias grow to about four feet tall and four feet wide. Dwarf and border varieties, like Pathway Gardenias, are even lower-growing, making them excellent for lining walkways. Other gardenias really reach for the sky, growing taller than they are wide. Augusta Gardenias grow to a height of over eight feet, creating a stylish vertical focal point in the garden!

What is the lifespan of a gardenia bush?

Gardenias grown in warm climates can live for quite a long time-in fact, they're known to survive for over fifty years. While most reach their mature height and stay at about that size, some gardenias creep slightly taller each year, creating truly stately shrubs.

Where do gardenias grow best?

Gardenias are best grown in warmer, Southern climates-these plants can't withstand the harsh winters of the northern U.S. However, northern gardeners have had wonderful success growing smaller gardenia varieties in pots and planters that can be overwintered indoors. Gardenias grow best in fertile, well-draining soil, and prefer consistent moisture. These shrubs also prefer some humidity, and should be kept misted or near water in dry conditions. Gardenias perform best in indirect sunlight, stationed at a northern-facing wall or another spot where they can receive sun in the morning and a respite of shade in the afternoon.

Can gardenias stay outside in the winter?

Most gardenias are not reliably hardy north of Zone 7, so gardeners in the north and midwest should bring gardenias indoors in the winter. Place your container gardenia in a warm, sunny window, and be sure to keep its soil moist over the cold months-gardenia thrive with both soil moisture and humidity. Use a pebble tray or humidifier to keep the leaves from drying out, or mist your gardenia regularly.

Do gardenias do well in pots?

Many varieties of gardenias are excellent candidates for container growing. The best gardenias for pots are compact, tidy varieties like our Frostproof Gardenia. For a taller species, we've had huge success with our Sweet Tea Gardenia, Most container-grown gardenias will translate well into live in pots, and can be transported indoors for winter care.

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