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Bright beauty in the spring garden.


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  • Iris germanica
  • Iris germanica 'Orinoco Flow'
  • Iris hollandica Mix

    Dutch Iris Mix

    50 for $19.99
  • Iris germanica 'Invitation'
  • Iris germanica Mix
  • Iris germanica 'Adoragon'
  • Iris germanica 'Harvest of Memories'
  • Iris germanica 'Ancient Echoes'
  • Collection of various Reblooming Bearded Iris varieties

    Reblooming Iris Collection

    5 + 1 free gift for $77.94
  • Iris germanica 'Fiery Temper'

    Fiery Temper Iris

    1 for $9.99
  • Iris germanica 'Bountiful Harvest'
  • Iris germanica 'Pallida Silver'
  • Iris ensata 'Lion King'
Deriving its name from the Greek goddess of rainbows, this classic perennial is a showy staple for any late spring or early summer planting. Today's irises are available in an array of colors and patterns, including bold, solid tones, and multi-colored, extravagantly patterned displays. Because of the color options, gardeners can get creative with their displays, planting one variety en masse, choosing multiple varieties or incorporating iris into perennial flower beds. Requiring hours of direct sunlight to bloom, iris excel when planted prominently along garden borders, or within cut flower arrangements. Exhibiting deer resistance and drought tolerance, this low maintenance perennial is a pleasure to grow.
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