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Hedges and Shrubs

Hedges from Spring Hill

Spring Hill began as a small nursery in 1849. By 1930, we had become a blossoming garden supply mail-order business. We proudly bring our customers plants of the highest quality, always searching for unique finds and well-performing varieties to brighten yards and gardens. We put just as much care into selecting our hedges, with a wide selection of different sizes and types available.

Learn more about our hedges for sale and proper care below.

Choosing the Right Hedges

To choose the right hedges for you, you'll first need to know about the different categories we offer.

Flowering Hedges

Many people love flowering hedges for how much color and personality they bring to a space. Plant these if you want spring and summer blooms and fragrance to fill your garden or yard.

Evergreen Hedges

Keep year-round color and vegetation with evergreen hedges. These winter-friendly hedges don't go dormant during cold months, keeping your landscaping looking lush and vibrant no matter the month.

Pollinator-Friendly Hedges

There are many pollinator-friendly hedge varieties known for attracting bees, butterflies, and birds. Plant these to provide wildlife habitats around your property while promoting pollination.

Deer-Resistant Hedges

Deer can be a nuisance to your prize garden, but there are hedge types that seem to not interest deer. Deer-resistant hedges, such as certain Dogwood varieties, help to add vegetation to your space without attracting or being distrubed by deer.

Privacy Hedges

A privacy hedge is ideal to plant around the perimeter of your property or anywhere you want a shield from neighbors and passersby. Privacy hedges also act as a barrier from noisy highways and wildlife that would otherwise venture into your yard.

Introduction to Hedges

To help your hedges flourish, there are a few things to know about their care.

Hedges: Getting Started

When choosing hedge varieties for your yard, do keep in mind climate and condition specifications. Make sure to select varieties that work well with your climate and are suitable for drought or other conditions your area experiences.

When to Plant Hedges

Cooler air and soil temperatures reduce the amount of stress put on the plant, allowing roots to take better hold and become stronger. For that reason, you should wait to plant hedges in the fall. In southern areas, you may even want to wait until winter. Pick a time that is cool but far from freezing.

How to Plant Hedges

  1. Prep the soil. Test to ensure your soil's pH is compatible with your hedge variety's needs. If it's not, you may need to add nutrients to optimize it.
  2. Measure your hedges. Check the maximum width your variety of hedge grows to and find a location where you have the space to fit the number of plants you have.
  3. Dig a trench. Make sure your trench is 12 inches deep and roughly 20 inches wide.
  4. Plant your hedge. Gently fill in the soil, careful not to pat it down so tightly that the roots can't get air.
  5. Water, mulch, and fertilize. Water well after planting, and surround the base of the plant with one or two inches of mulch to protect the roots and retain water. Fertilize the hedges with a slow-release fertilizer to help them take off.

How Fast Do Hedges Grow

How quickly a hedge is able to grow largely depends on the hedge type and the care you put into it. Some hedges are fast-growing, while others require time investment. Following the recommended planting, watering, feeding, and sun exposure requirements for your hedge variety can help it grow quicker.

How Far Back to Trim Hedges

Trimming your hedges helps encourage new growth, but you don't want to do so much pruning that you harm your plant. Start by trimming away dead material on the plant and then follow the natural shape of the hedge, taking just a few inches at a time. To help sunlight reach the base of your plant, cut the top portion a little shorter than the bottom.

A fast-growing hedge row starts with the roots!

Our mature plants come from Holland, Michigan where the soil is ideal for growing healthy root systems for hedges and shrubs; an advantage you won't find at other retailers.

  • Grown in healthy sandy loam with low pathogen rate.
  • Larger overall root systems that aren't "pot bound".
  • More fine root hairs for increased nutrient uptake and faster establishment.
Shrub Roots

This is what healthy shrub roots look like. Our fibrous, field-grown root systems acclimate quickly to their new environment thanks to hundreds of fine root hairs that optimize nutrient uptake.

Pot Bound Roots

This is what pot-bound roots look like. If you've ever bought shrubs at your local nursery or home improvement store, you may have seen this before. Stuck in a small pot, roots have no place to go and take longer to recover after planting.

Spring Hill's Ready, Set, Hedge!™ plants are grown in the rich, healthy soil of Holland, Michigan

For decades growers have boasted over Michigan soil, and for good reason. The rare, nutrient rich sandy loam just inland from Lake Michigan, produces some of the best performing trees and shrubs you can find.

Michigan Holland

More reasons to try Ready, Set, Hedge!™

Plant Sizes

Planting sizes up to 4 ft. tall.

We have plant sizes to fit every landscape need and every budget. Our largest sizes arrive with years of growth already behind them--perfect for creating instant privacy, beauty or property boundaries.

Money Saving

Money-saving multi-packs.

When planning a proper hedge, consider the space you want to fill and the spread of your chosen shrub variety. Usually, multiple plants are required. We created our 3-, 5- and 10-plant bundles with this in mind--the more you buy, the more you save.

Spring Hill Nurseries Shipping

Shipped right to your door.

No need to borrow a truck or put down a tarp in the back of your SUV. No spilled dirt when the pots in the back inevitably tip over on the ride home. Our healthy shrubs ship right to your door at the perfect time for planting in your area.

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